erri Ash is the Case Manager.

Terri Ash joined Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group in 2018 as a Case Manager. She is responsible for initiating all client case files, managing communication between all parties and experts, as well as requesting medical and billing records. Terri also communicates directly with clients about the status of their case.

Terri has more than 30 years of experience as a case manager and paralegal. She brings a unique perspective to the position, having worked on both personal injury cases and in insurance defense. Terri also has an impressive technical skillset in eFiling protocol and document management systems.

Terri tells Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group that she was eager to pursue a career in the field of personal injury law: “I longed to switch to personal injury, and when the opportunity presented itself, I went for it. I have now been a Paralegal/Case Manager for several years and have found a new excitement for my career.”

Terri is originally from New York. She currently resides in Lawrenceville. Outside of the office, Terri is interested in the culinary arts. She also enjoys spending quality with her family, which includes a number of cousins who also relocated from New York to Georgia.