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How to Refer to our Firm

Hello APLG Friends, Family and Colleagues!

You asked for it and It’s finally here! See below a referral template email for you to send to those you know who are injured and needing our help!

I wanted to take a moment and refer you to Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group (cc’ed on this email) at

Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group helps those injured in a car, motorcycle, truck accident, serious slip & fall and dog bite cases!
· They help you Get Fairly Paid for What Happened
· Deal with frustrating Insurance Companies on your behalf
· Help You Understand The Personal Injury Process after You’ve Been in an Accident
All you need to do is:

Reply All – “Help me with my accident” back to this message and they can get started right away!

Here's the direct info as well!

NEW CLIENT LINE: 678-399-6161 XT 500