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Roswell Premises Liability Lawyers

We expect that we will be safe when we visit our neighbors' homes or go to the grocery store to pick up food. Unfortunately, accidents can occur anywhere and cause devastating injuries, especially when there are unknown hazards at the places we visit.

If you recently sustained a significant injury while on somebody else's property, discuss your potential claim for compensation with a knowledgeable attorney. Guidance from a Roswell premises liability lawyer could be critical in pursuing a claim against the owner of the property where you sustained your injury.

What is a Premises Liability Suit?

A premises liability suit is a personal injury claim that an injured person may bring against the owner, manager, caretaker, business owner, landlord, or tenant of the property where they suffered an accident. However, contrary to popular belief, suffering an injury on another person's property does not automatically mean that the property owner is legally liable for the accident.

Duty of Property Owners and Managers

Generally, property owners or managers have a duty to keep their property in a reasonably safe condition to avoid hurting visitors, guests, customers, invitees, and other people who are on their property. To establish liability, an injured claimant would first need to show that the person in charge of the property breached their duty of care to the claimant by not maintaining a reasonably safe property. They would then need to demonstrate that the property owner's breach of the duty of care directly led to the claimant's injury.

If a property owner failed to remove a dangerous condition from their property, such as a large pothole in their parking lot, a Georgia court could deem them liable for a person tripping and hurting themselves due to the hazard. The property owner could be liable even if they had no actual knowledge of the pothole. If a claimant and their attorney can demonstrate that a reasonable property owner would have learned of the hazard through regular property inspection and maintenance, they could argue that the defendant should have either removed or warned visitors about it.

A skilled premises liability attorney could visit the property where the accident occurred to collect evidence of what happened. This process might involve speaking with eyewitnesses to the actual accident as well as people with knowledge about the property to investigate how long the hazard went unaddressed.

Common Types of Premises Liability Accidents in Roswell

Injured victims can file premises liability claims for accidents occurring on commercial or residential properties. Property accident claims often involve the following common incidents:

  • Slip and falls
  • Broken staircase accidents
  • Fires
  • Drowning in pools
  • Elevator and escalator accidents
  • Porch and deck collapses
  • Falling objects
  • Dog bites
  • Poisoning
  • Insufficient lighting or fencing, which could lead to assaults or other crimes
  • Exposure to fumes, such as carbon monoxide

Our legal team has extensive experience investigating various kinds of premises liability claims. A hardworking local attorney could help property accident survivors pursue the compensation they need and move forward with their lives.

Seek Help from a Roswell Premises Liability Attorney

Premises liability cases often involve complicated legal issues. As such, it is essential to work with the right lawyer who could advocate for your interests against defense attorneys and insurance companies.

Property owners should keep their properties free from hazards. When landowners fail to remove dangerous conditions or warn visitors of those risks, a Roswell premises liability attorney is here to help injured victims hold them accountable. Call our office today to discuss your particular situation.