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Suwanee Dog Bite Lawyers

Dogs are popular pets in Suwanee, but their familiarity does not always make them safe for others around them. Any dog has the potential to cause serious injuries if not properly managed, and dogs with dangerous tendencies may strike at someone without warning.

If you were injured by a dog bite or other animal attack, you could suffer physical and emotional damage that may never fully heal. The animal’s owner should be held accountable to prevent similar harm to others. A Suwanee dog bite lawyer could help.

A local personal injury lawyer familiar with the dog laws applicable in Suwanee could review your situation and explain your options. You may be entitled to compensation to help provide for future needs and offset some of the losses suffered.

When Dog Owners May Be Held Liable

The liability of an owner in dog bite cases can hinge on a determination of whether the dog is considered vicious or dangerous under Georgia Code Annotated §51-2-7. If a dog meets the definition of a dangerous animal, then the owner is required to exercise care in managing the dog and is not allowed to let the dog roam freely. If a dog bite lawyer in Suwanee can show that the owner of an animal was negligent in restraining a dangerous animal, the showing of negligence can establish liability for the resulting harm.

The statute specifies that when an owner carelessly manages the animal or fails to prevent the dog from attacking, the owner may be responsible for injuries caused by that dog. However, the law also explains that if the injured person provokes the animal, such actions could provide grounds to deny liability.

Dangerous Animals

A Suwanee dog bite attorney could seek evidence to prove that the dog should be classified as dangerous or vicious. If the attack takes place in a location where dogs are required to be kept on a lease and the animal is not restrained in one of those ways, then the dog may be automatically considered to be in the vicious or dangerous category for purposes of the liability statute.

In other situations, it may be necessary to show that a dog owner knew or should have known of dangerous propensities of the animal. Witness accounts may prove particularly helpful, so it is wise to begin investigating the bite incident and the factual background as soon as possible.

Compensation After a Dog Bite

Dog bite injuries often leave emotional as well as physical scars. Therefore, a dog bite victim could receive compensation to offset several different effects from the attack.

Monetary compensation or damages may be provided to cover economic losses such as medical expenses and wages lost due to time off work. A dog bite attorney in Suwanee could calculate and seek damages for anticipated future losses as well. Additionally, damages could be obtained for non-economic factors such as suffering, emotional anguish, and pain.

Contact a Knowledgeable Suwanee Dog Bite Attorney

Many people in Suwanee find it beneficial to work with a local lawyer right after a dog attack. A legal representative could answer questions from investigators and insurers on your behalf, saving you time and energy and preventing statements that could be used against you to deny liability.

A Suwanee dog bite lawyer could also start collecting evidence to support a showing of liability and fight to help you obtain full and fair compensation for the harm you have suffered. Talk to a dog bite attorney today to find out more about the advantages of legal assistance in your particular situation.