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Suwanee Car Accident Lawyers

When a car accident happens, injuries and property damage are a typical result. If you are involved in one, the consequences could greatly hamper your quality of life. Dealing with costly injuries and vehicle repair bills is challenging, especially if you are too injured to return to work.

If another driver injures you in a crash through their negligence, you could benefit from a consultation with an experienced injury attorney. During your consultation, your attorney could review your case and advise you on the best avenue to pursue compensation. Your Suwanee car accident lawyer could help you get started on your injury claim immediately.

Factors in a Car Accident

There are many potential causes of a car accident in Suwanee. Understanding these causes could provide a Suwanee attorney with insight into building a successful car accident case. Some common factors include:


Traveling above the speed limit is inherently risky. However, it is possible in some situations to travel at an unsafe speed even while observing the set speed limit. When visibility or road conditions are poor, it could be unsafe to travel at a speed below the maximum. If traveling at an unsafe speed causes a crash, the driver could face civil liability for any injuries that occur.


Distracted driving is one of the fastest-growing causes of vehicle accidents. As the access to in-car technology grows, so does the use of this technology by motorists. From texting to watching a video, any use of a handheld device could cause a crash if it draws the driver’s attention away from the road.

Drunken Driving

Much like with distraction, an intoxicated driver represents a threat on the roadway. These drivers often lack the coordination and reaction time necessary to deal with changing traffic conditions.

Aggressive Driving

In some cases, aggressive driving can play a role in a car accident. Aggressive driving could include road rage incidents involving angry motorists or could stem from a driver making risky lane changes in an effort to arrive sooner.

Potential Compensation

When a motorist negligently causes a car accident, they could be on the hook for the monetary damages the result from the crash. These damages could be significant even in a seemingly minor collision.

There are two general types of damages available in a car accident claim, and a Suwanee attorney could pursue both for their client. These types of compensation include economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages are the measurable losses that result from a car accident. They include the medical bills for a person’s injury and the repair expenses from the damage to the plaintiff’s vehicle. These damages are measurable in the sense that they have a set value that could be demonstrated through documents like receipts or invoices.

Non-economic damages are not measured so easily. These damages compensate an injured motorist for more subjective losses, like their physical pain or their loss of consortium.

Reach out to a Suwanee Car Accident Attorney

Given the potential severity of a car accident, the damages that could be available in an injury claim can be significant. Pursuing these damages can take time and resources, and there is no guarantee of success.

When you work with a Suwanee car accident lawyer, you can leave the legal planning strategy to a professional and focus on putting your life back together after your injury. Schedule an initial case evaluation to get started on your claim.