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If another driver's carelessness causes your motorcycle accident and injuries, Georgia law may allow you to recover compensation and hold the at-fault motorist accountable. At Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group, our Alpharetta motorcycle accident lawyers represent motorcyclists who suffered injuries through no fault of their own. We may be able to file an insurance claim or lawsuit and recover money damages for you based on the facts of your motorcycle accident case.

Have a free legal consultation with one of Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group's motorcycle accident attorneys today. We provide complimentary reviews for motorcycle accident cases. You can learn about your legal options and how we help motorcyclists like you get the money you need to pay your medical expenses and cover your losses. Contact us today to get started.

Alpharetta Motorcycle Accident Guide

The Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group Fights to Get Compensation for Our Clients

Our motorcycle accident lawyers believe that seriously injured accident victims deserve to have someone on their side who will protect their rights and advocate for justice on their behalf. If you suffered preventable injuries because of another driver's negligence, they should be held responsible for your losses.

Our lawyers provide protection, support, and legal representation for our clients as they face severe physical and psychological injuries—many requiring extensive medical care and support. During this time, they can depend on our team to handle their case and fight for their best interests.

At the Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group, we step up for our clients by aggressively pursuing justice and fair compensation in their cases and holding the at-fault driver accountable. We represent every client on a contingency basis, which means we do not charge anything upfront for our services. You only pay our team out of the compensation we recover for you.

Alpharetta Motorcycle Accidents and Injuries

Unfortunately, the Alpharetta Police Department, Georgia State Patrol, Fulton County Sheriff's Office, and other agencies respond to serious traffic accidents in our area every day. Some of the worst are motorcycle accidents. It's no surprise that Alpharetta's exponential growth from a sleepy suburb to a bustling city has increased traffic and made the roads much riskier.

If you suffer injuries in a motorcycle accident, what happens next will depend on the severity of your injuries and other circumstances. You may only require a quick ride to Wellstar North Fulton Hospital in Roswell. However, some people with catastrophic injuries need more than the Level II trauma care available in Roswell. They may go to a Level I trauma center such as Grady Memorial Hospital or Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center.

These facilities can handle a wide range of life-altering and potentially fatal injuries, such as:

Medical Expenses Can Pile up Quickly

While Fulton County is lucky to have numerous hospitals that handle motorcycle accident injuries and deliver life-sustaining care, that care does not come cheap. From the ambulance ride to emergency department assessment and stabilization to hospitalization and treatment to rehabilitation, the medical care alone following a crash can easily reach six figures.

Our motorcycle accident attorneys understand that victims of Georgia motorcycle accidents need help recovering damages to pay their bills and cover their additional losses. We are here to represent you and ensure that your rights remain protected.

Recoverable Damages in an Alpharetta Motorcycle Accident Case

Before our motorcycle accident lawyer files a lawsuit or demands compensation from an at-fault driver's insurance company, we must gather documentation of our client's recoverable damages. This could include receipts, medical expenses, repair estimates, and more. We need to understand how much our client lost because of the crash before we know what a fair settlement looks like.

Each motorcycle accident case is different. However, many victims incur the same types of expenses and losses.

Common examples of recoverable damages after a motorcycle collision include:

  • Medical bills
  • Future medical costs such as medical treatment, care expenses, or physical therapy
  • Ongoing care costs for catastrophic injuries
  • Lost income, including tips, commissions, contract work, and more
  • Diminished earning ability based on long-term impairments
  • Property damage, including repair or replacement
  • Miscellaneous related expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Other non-economic losses

Wrongful Death Damages

We also handle wrongful death claims. These claims allow surviving family members of a loved one who was involved in a fatal motorcycle accident to recover compensation for lost income, funeral and burial costs, other expenses, intangible losses, and more.

Punitive Damages

While rare in traffic accident cases, Georgia law allows courts to award punitive damages at trial. These damages penalize the at-fault party for their bad behavior. You may receive punitive damages if evidence shows that the at-fault driver or negligent party acted extremely recklessly, with wanton negligence, or intentionally. Our attorneys can assess if punitive damages are a possibility in your case.

How Our Alpharetta Motorcycle Crash Lawyers Determine Fault

Georgia law, motorcycle accident victims can hold the driver who caused their crash and injuries legally responsible when they have evidence to show:

  • The driver acted carelessly or recklessly
  • Their actions caused the motorcycle accident
  • The victim suffered injuries

In legal terms, we call this “negligence.” Negligence is at the heart of most traffic accident cases. A driver has a duty of care, meaning traffic laws obligate them to act a certain way. They breach that duty, usually by violating a traffic law. Their breach causes the collision—in this case, the motorcycle accident. The victim (the motorcyclist) incurs financial, physical, and emotional harm.

When Negligence Occurs

For example, what happens when a driver fails to see a motorcyclist and turns in front of them? The driver had a duty to yield to oncoming traffic but failed to do so. Their failure caused the motorcycle accident, and the motorcyclist suffered injuries.

In this example, our attorneys can likely document what happened by investigating the crash and holding the at-fault driver legally responsible by:

  • Filing an insurance claim based on their auto liability coverage
  • Filing a personal injury lawsuit in a Fulton County civil court

These are the two most common options available to our clients when we pursue damages for them after a traffic accident. Most of our cases do not go to trial. However, we sometimes need to sue the at-fault driver to move the case forward or for other reasons based on the specific circumstances of the accident.

What Evidence Is Needed to Recover Financial Compensation in a Motorcycle Collision Claim?

Our attorneys understand what we must do to build strong support for a client's insurance claim. We know how to investigate motorcycle crashes and gather the evidence we can use to show the liable party, insurer, and/or judge and jury what happened, who is legally responsible, and the damages our client suffered.

Most of the time, we can start working on your case on the same day you ask us to represent you. We need to take many steps to gather the necessary documentation and learn as much as possible about your collision.

Depending on the case, the evidence we use may include:

  • The accident report or police report from the police agency that responded to the crash
  • Interviews with eyewitnesses
  • Video of the crash
  • Photos from the scene
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Crash scene survey
  • Relevant medical records
  • Documentation of our client's expenses and losses

We can also consult with experts to help us better understand our client's injuries, prognosis, and ongoing treatment costs. This is often necessary when a client's injuries cause lasting impairments or will not fully heal before we need to move forward with their claim or personal injury lawsuit.

How Long Do I Have to Sue the At-Fault Driver in Fulton County, GA?

While we do not need to file a lawsuit for every client we represent, the right to do so is still a key part of the case. Without the right to sue, we may not have the leverage necessary to negotiate a fair claim with the at-fault driver's insurance company.

In many cases, the insurer settles outside of court to avoid paying for a costly trial their policyholder will likely lose. If our client misses the deadline to file a lawsuit and no longer has the right to sue, we cannot use the possibility of civil action to move the case toward a fair settlement. This makes meeting the deadline so important, even if we do not need to sue.

For most people, Georgia law gives them up to two years to sue after an injury accident. As your motorcycle accident lawyer, we must file the initial complaint in your Fulton County personal injury lawsuit before the second anniversary of the collision. Otherwise, the court will bar us from taking action in the case. If we represent you, we will ensure that you meet this deadline and any others that apply.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Alpharetta Motorcycle Accident Cases

Some of the most common questions we hear from potential clients include:

Should I Talk to the Insurance Company or At-Fault Driver?

We do not recommend talking about your Alpharetta motorcycle accident with anyone except your motorcycle accident lawyer. The at-fault driver or insurance company may try to speak with you or even demand a recorded statement. You are under no obligation to give them one.

Insurers have access to the same police reports and records you do. They do not need a statement from you. Giving a statement cannot help you recover fair compensation. It can only hurt your case, especially if they use your words against you to reduce the value of your claim.

The Insurance Adjuster Offered Me Money. Should I Agree to Their Settlement Offer?

Never agree to a payout without first having a seasoned motorcycle accident lawyer review it. Insurers often try to pay motorcycle accident victims quickly before they realize how much their case is worth. You need to understand the full cost of your treatment, lost wages, and other damages before you know if an offer is fair.

Will My Settlement Cover My Future Care Needs?

Many motorcyclists suffer long-term or permanent injuries when they are in a motorcycle accident. Some of the most common serious injuries motorcycle riders experience include traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries, which could require long-term care.

You may seek damages for your future treatment and care in addition to the bills you already have. Our team works with experts to estimate these costs based on your injuries, prognosis, and treatment plan.

How Can I Pay My Bills Now?

It takes time to negotiate a settlement or take a case to trial. During these weeks or months, you may begin to receive medical bills in addition to your usual bills. Your attorney may be able to help you find ways to stop these bills and get cash to cover your other needs. Discuss your options with a lawyer from our team today.

What Can I Do If My Loved One Died in an Alpharetta Motorcycle Crash?

Our legal team handles wrongful death cases for families who lost a loved one in a Fulton County crash. Suppose your spouse, parent, or child did not survive their motorcycle accident injuries. Georgia state law allows you to pursue funeral and burial costs, medical bills, lost income, intangible losses, and more.

Contact our accident lawyer in Alpharetta today to learn more during a free case review. Wrongful death laws are complex, and you only have a limited time to take legal action.

How Soon Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer?

We encourage you to reach out to our legal team as soon as your health stabilizes so we can assess and explain your options. For those with catastrophic injuries that may require long-term inpatient care, we can meet with immediate family members to discuss this process.

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Jennifer Gore-Cuthbert, Alpharetta Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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