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Our Philosophy

At Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group – Gore LLC, we believe that the victims of serious accidents deserve compensation for their injuries. They should not have to deal with uncooperative insurance companies and get the runaround while trying to recover physically, financially and emotionally. We represent victims of negligence on the road. We know that it only takes a second for a careless driver to change the lives of others forever. When our clients have serious injuries that require extensive medical care, lost income and other expenses, they can depend on us to fight for them.

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Our Guiding Principles

1. Be Accountable

We take pride in our work and immediate responsibility for our actions, both personally and as a company.

2. Be Driven

We approach every task with energy and passion to make sure the job is done right and will go above and beyond the call of duty if necessary. We continuously challenge ourselves to provide the highest level of service to our clients.

3. Be Efficient

We arrange and organize things so they can be found and used easily or quickly, and embrace systems, automation, technology, policies and procedures to be stream-lined.

4. Be of Integrity

We do the right thing for the client and the company, even when it’s not acknowledged by others or convenient.

5. Be Compassionate

We understand, without judgment, the emotional state and circumstances of our clients/colleagues and communicate in a way that creates mutual respect, connection and understanding.

6. Be Proactive

We anticipate, plan and prepare for challenges before they need to be reacted to.

7. Be Positive

We expect and look towards the good side of things, see opportunities and stay focused on solutions for ourselves, our company and our clients.

Our Attorneys
Our Team
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