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Mass tort cases are a way to get financial justice for victims harmed in similar circumstances (and often by the same defendant). These cases require complex litigation, and the procedures are complicated. It is wise, or even necessary, for plaintiffs to hire a mass tort lawyer to pursue the compensation they deserve.

Choose your mass tort attorney from Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group. Our firm has a record of delivering fair compensation to clients for various injuries, and we have a reputation for compassionate service.

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Why Clients Come to Our Firm for Their Mass Tort Cases

Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group takes many measures to establish itself in a crowded legal field. We encourage you to trust your mass tort case to our team because:

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  • Mass torts are a key focus for our lawyers: Civil law is broad, and lawyers must know their strengths. We have made concerted efforts to understand mass torts and hone our skills in this specific practice area. When you hire a mass tort lawyer from our team, trust that they know what they’re doing.
  • We never back down from a legal fight: “Mass tort” is often synonymous with “legal fight.” Your law firm should be fearless, and that is our well-earned reputation. We are prepared for complex litigation, and every other challenge your case presents.
  • We only lead cases in which we are well-versed: There is a wide range of mass tort cases. Our attorneys only accept those cases in which we know the facts. If we accept your case, we know the details of the mass tort inside and out.
  • Clients’ satisfaction is a top priority: Our primary goal is obtaining all the compensation you are entitled to. However, we also want you to be more than happy with how we handle your case. Achieving client satisfaction means delivering a memorable experience and fair compensation for you.
  • Your lawyer will always be a call (or text) away: Every client deserves a close connection with their lawyer, and that’s what we provide. We will provide regular updates about your case. If you ever have a question, you will have a direct line to your lawyer.

Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group is anything but common. Our approach to client service and our passion for fighting for those clients is rare. Hire your mass tort attorney from our team of dedicated legal advocates.

We Only Get Paid if We Win for You

Our fee structure makes finding a capable lawyer stress-free. Because we use contingency fees, you:

  • Trust Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group to cover every cost associated with your mass tort
  • Do not pay us any upfront or out-of-pocket fees or costs
  • Can retain our team regardless of your financial circumstances
  • Don’t have to stress or lose sleep over the cost of hiring a lawyer

We believe this arrangement is fair. We only receive our fee if we secure compensation for you.

Common Types of Mass Tort Cases

Mass tort cases often result when someone’s negligence affects many people. These cases can involve:

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  • A product that proves harmful to many consumers
  • Environmental dangers that affect many people (like the illegal disposal of dangerous chemicals)
  • Medical devices, prescription drugs, and over-the-counter medications that prove dangerous
  • Natural disasters that human-related failures made worse

Mass torts take many forms. If you suffered harm and believe someone (including a business or public institution) is responsible, call Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group to discuss your case.

Current Mass Torts That You May Be Eligible For

To give you a better idea of the types of cases that qualify as mass torts, know that mass litigation has arisen from:

  • Camp Lejeune, a military base in North Carolina where residents were unknowingly drinking contaminated water
  • Paraquat, another herbicide that can be toxic
  • 3M earplugs, which were proven defective in causing hearing loss and other health conditions for users
  • Paragard intrauterine devices (IUDs), which were found to be defective
  • Philips CPAP machines, which lawyers suggested may have had a fatal effect on certain users

These are just a few high-profile examples of the many mass torts (or class-action lawsuits) that produced compensation for plaintiffs. It is difficult to truly comprehend how many dangerous products and harmful mass events occur each year, and an attorney will work to ensure you see justice for any harm you have experienced.

Who Is Eligible to Join a Mass Tort?

Victims of negligence on a broad scale are often eligible to join mass torts or class-action lawsuits. You are likely the victim of negligence if:

  • Someone owed you a duty of care: This can be a product manufacturer, a business handling toxic chemicals, or any other party responsible for keeping you (and others) safe from harm.
  • The party breached their duty of care: Someone breaches their duty of care when they act unreasonably. An example would be a product manufacturer selling an item it knew was unsafe. 
  • The breach of duty of care causes harm to one or more people: In mass tort cases, there are generally many victims of the defendant’s negligence. For instance, thousands (or millions) of people who bought a dangerous or defective product may be harmed by the defendant’s breach of duty of care.

When a mass tort attorney has established these three steps, they will then explain the harm that has resulted from the liable parties’ negligence.

Injured, Sick, or Lost a Loved One? You Might Join a Mass Tort

If the above description of negligence seems to describe your circumstances, you can be eligible to join a mass tort. More specifically, you may seek compensation through a lawsuit if:

  • You suffered injuries
  • You became sick
  • You lost a loved one
  • You believe one or more of these outcomes was the result of someone else’s negligence

If you have any questions about your case or want to move forward, call Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group today for a free, no-stress consultation.

Are There Deadlines for Joining or Filing Mass Tort Cases?

There are typically timelines for filing civil lawsuits, and mass torts tend to be no different. There may also be time-related considerations specific to you, such as:

  • A lawyer may have a specific window for adding plaintiffs to a case.
  • You may need to document the damages for which you are seeking compensation.
  • Mass torts usually require each plaintiff to file their own case, meaning you may have to take several steps for your case to be valid.
  • The lawsuit may end at some point, at which time you may not be eligible to join.

Each case is different. However, you must generally file a mass tort formally, which means you should speak with a lawyer from our firm immediately.

General Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer for a Mass Tort

Before we discuss our firm specifically, consider the general benefits of hiring a lawyer for your mass tort case, which include:

Not Having to Learn About Mass Torts

All civil cases are complex, and mass torts can be even more complicated than most. If you hire a mass tort lawyer from our firm, you won’t have to spend your valuable time learning about the details of mass torts—rely on us.

Avoiding the Headaches of a Legal Case

Mass torts come with challenges that can include:

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  • Delays
  • Attempts to lowball plaintiffs
  • Difficult court appearances
  • Overwhelming amounts of paperwork

These challenges are best left to law firms with ample resources, knowledge of the civil justice system, and extensive experience in mass torts. In other words, they’re best left to Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group.

Being Able to Focus on Your Health

If you are eligible to join a mass tort, it suggests you have been harmed somehow. This can mean you have suffered an injury, become sick, or lost a loved one. You must prioritize your physical and mental health in any of these cases.

Whenever you hire a lawyer, you take a significant responsibility off your hands and give it to your attorney. We will gladly handle this high-stakes obligation for you.

Utilizing a Law Firm’s Resources

Law firms spend years building up financial reserves, personnel, and other resources that can directly benefit mass torts. Our firm offers:

  • A roster of dedicated, proven lawyers
  • A team of paralegals and other highly qualified support staff
  • Ample financial support for your case
  • A willingness to hire multiple experts
  • Other resources to use on your behalf

Defendants in mass tort cases can be multinational product manufacturers, drugmakers, and others with substantial legal resources. You need to have a fearless, resource-heavy law firm on your side.

How a Mass Tort Attorney from Our Firm Will Help You

Mass tort cases require hard work, elbow grease, and substantial time investments. Our team will put in the work for you by:

Securing All Evidence of Defendants’ Negligence

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We may rely on several types of evidence to prove defendants’ negligence, including:

  • Recall notices
  • Studies indicating a product’s danger
  • Testimony from those affected by the defendant’s negligence
  • Expert testimony about how the defendant exposed you and others to harm

By the time we seek compensation for you, it may be well established that the defendant has endangered a large number of people. Still, we will secure and present all relevant evidence.

Hiring Experts to Testify About Defendants’ Negligence

Expert testimony and service can be critical to a mass tort’s success. We have relationships with experts whose knowledge base may be relevant to your mass tort. Our attorneys are always willing to identify and hire new experts if they can help a case.

Detailing Damages, the Defendants Caused You

Proof of your damages will be a key feature of your case, and may include:

  • Medical records for injuries or illness
  • Medical bills
  • Proof that you have missed work (and lost income) since becoming sick or injured
  • Doctors’ and mental health professionals’ testimony about physical, emotional, and psychological injuries

Every client comes to us with a different damage profile. We will document your damages in as much detail as possible.

Calculating the Cost of Your Damages

Before negotiating a settlement or urging a jury to pay you, we must know exactly how much compensation you deserve.

Negotiating a Settlement or Taking Your Case to Trial

If defendants in your case are willing to negotiate in good faith, we may secure a settlement covering:

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Even though defendants in mass tort cases often hurt many people, each victim tends to have unique damages. Let us identify your damages, present your case, and demand a fair financial recovery.

Do I Need to Know the Difference Between a Mass Tort and a Class Action Lawsuit?

There are several differences between mass torts and class action lawsuits. However, as a plaintiff, you do not need to spend too much time, energy, or brain cells worrying about these differences—let a lawyer from our team handle that.

The details of plaintiffs and the courts where cases take place can be differences between mass torts and class action lawsuits. That said, all you need to know is that:

  1. You have suffered harm because of someone’s negligence
  2. A lawyer can help you pursue the compensation you deserve

You may also suspect that others have suffered harm for the same reason as you (a defective consumer product, for instance). However, the most important fact is that you have been harmed and deserve justice.

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