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Suwanee Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Suwanee can be a wonderful place to explore on a bicycle. However, the increasing popularity of Suwanee has led to more traffic and more bike accidents.

Unfortunately, when a bicycle collides with a motorized vehicle or a rider falls due to a dangerous condition on the road, the results can be disastrous. If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a bike accident that could have been prevented if someone had only behaved responsibly, you may be entitled to substantial compensation.

A Suwanee bicycle accident lawyer could review your case and fight to help you obtain a fair recovery. It is often wise to talk to a personal injury lawyer before speaking with insurance companies about the accident, because you may be encouraged to say or do something that could jeopardize your claim.

Prompt Action Can Make All the Difference

Although the natural instinct after a bike accident is to focus on physical recovery before considering legal issues, there are reasons why it can be beneficial to give some attention to liability issues. First, the statute of limitations requires any legal claims based on the accident to be investigated and filed within two years.

It is also wise to begin researching and collecting evidence long before the statutory deadline. The best time to gather evidence is right after the accident when witnesses’ memories are fresh, and the scene of the accident has not had much time to change. Evidence such as traffic footage showing the collision could be erased, but a Suwanee bicycle accident attorney could subpoena the evidence to preserve it.

Negligence in Bike Accident Cases

Most of the time, bike accidents in Suwanee are not caused by a motor vehicle driver deliberately taking aim at a bicyclist. Instead, the accidents happen when a motorist looks at a cell phone instead of the road or in some other way fails to live up to obligations as a driver.

While the motorist acted with no intent to cause harm, their negligence resulted in injuries. Therefore, a bicycle accident lawyer in Suwanee could work to obtain compensation to offset some of the losses resulting from the negligent behavior.

Damages for Injured Bicyclists

The term damages refers to monetary compensation provided to the victim of negligent behavior such as a bicycle accident. An accident victim may receive damages to compensate for intangible effects as well as losses with a calculable monetary value.

Damages for intangible losses could include amounts to make up for suffering, emotional distress, pain, and inconvenience. Economic damages could be provided to compensate for lost wages in the past and future, medical expenses, caregivers, and other expenses.

Consult a Knowledgeable Suwanee Bicycle Accident Attorney

If you suffered injuries in a bicycle accident, it may be difficult determining what you should do next. Working with an experienced legal advocate will not erase all the difficulties, but it can make part of the process easier.

A Suwanee bicycle accident lawyer could assist with resolving financial concerns so that you can focus your efforts on physical and emotional healing. Recovery through a bike accident claim can also provide a sense of justice and help bring closure. For more information about the assistance a legal advocate could provide in your case, call today to schedule a consultation.