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FedEx Truck Accidents in Suwanee

Today, people rely heavily on online shopping to meet their everyday needs, and there has been a large increase in the number of trucks delivering packages in recent years. Because there are so many delivery trucks and tractor-trailers traveling across the state of Georgia, FedEx truck accidents in Suwanee occur all too frequently. Sadly, many of these crashes result in devastating injuries and even fatalities.

If a FedEx truck recently hit you, you may be suffering from physical and emotional pain. You may also be concerned about how you will be able to pay for your medical bills or support your family, especially if you are unable to work while you are healing. If you are in this situation, let a Suwanee truck accident lawyer answer your questions, set aside your worries and concerns, and help you pursue the financial compensation you need.

Steps to Take after a FedEx Tractor-Trailer Crash

After an accident with a delivery truck, an injured victim should take specific steps to preserve their rights in the event they decide to proceed with a civil case.

Receive a Medical Evaluation

First, a victim should receive a medical evaluation as soon as possible after the crash, even if they appear to have no wounds or only minor injuries. Doctors can assess their condition and make a formal record of the accident.

A medical evaluation may reveal the full extent of a person’s symptoms, even if they were not immediately apparent. Some seemingly minor injuries like whiplash can cause significant health problems later on. It is essential to have a doctor document all injuries and medical conditions from the crash. That medical documentation could provide helpful evidence in a lawsuit against the delivery truck driver or company.

Gather Evidence from the Delivery Truck Crash Scene

If possible, a victim should try to gather all relevant evidence from the delivery truck crash scene. After an accident, a victim should try to get the name and contact information from the truck driver, the truck’s passengers, any other motorists involved in the collision, and any eyewitnesses to the crash. They should also take pictures of their injuries and the damage to the vehicles. A skilled Suwanee attorney could help gather and preserve all the necessary evidence from a FedEx truck accident.

How a Suwanee Attorney Could Help after a FedEx Crash

FedEx Truck Accidents in Suwanee

Injured victims should also meet with a local attorney to discuss a potential legal claim as soon as possible after a FedEx truck accident. A knowledgeable lawyer could help them investigate the claim and identify potential defendants. If the FedEx driver acted negligently, an attorney could help pursue a claim against them. In many cases, a lawyer could also pursue a claim against FedEx because, as the at-fault driver’s employer, the company could also bear legal responsibility for the accident.

An attorney could also negotiate with insurance agencies and review possible settlement offers to ensure that a claimant receives fair treatment. Insurers may try to quickly settle a claim for less than its fair value, so it is better to avoid speaking with insurers about settlement offers and issues of liability until after meeting with an attorney.

Call a Suwanee Attorney to Discuss Your FedEx Truck Accident Case

Jennifer Gore-Cuthbert,FedEx Truck Accident Lawyer
Jennifer Gore-Cuthbert,FedEx Truck Accident Lawyer

Because of the large size and weight of delivery vehicles, FedEx truck accidents in Suwanee frequently result in life-changing injuries. However, a successful resolution of a claim could give you the means necessary to move forward with your life. Let a dedicated attorney handle your legal claim while you focus on recovering. Contact our office today. Reach out to a Sawanee personal injury lawyer.