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Roswell bus accidents cause serious injuries and may lead to complex legal cases because of applicable laws and the number of victims. A bus accident lawyer from the Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group can handle your claim or lawsuit while you focus on healing from your injuries. We represent individuals, families with injured children, and those who lost loved ones in these collisions.

At Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group, our lawyers provide free case consultations for injured victims and their families. If injuries occurred because of a negligent bus driver, an issue with the bus, or another related concern, you have a right to seek justice through monetary compensation. You could bring an insurance claim or civil suit. 

Call Roswell Bus Accident Lawyer today to review your legal options and next steps after a Roswell bus accident.

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Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group Represents Accident Victims in Fulton County

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At Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group, our lawyers fight to help those who suffered injuries in serious accidents. We believe you deserve justice and compensation if your injuries occurred because of someone else’s carelessness or recklessness. We build cases against at-fault drivers and other liable parties whose negligence caused traffic accidents, including bus collisions.

If you have medical bills, lost income, and other damages because of preventable injuries, we can help you. We identify who you can hold responsible, protect your rights, and advocate for our clients. We represent their best interests, seeking compensation based on the facts of their case and the harm they suffered.

We understand you need to take this time to focus on your physical and emotional recovery. Make your health a priority. We can handle all aspects of your legal case. Our firm works based on contingency, which means we charge no upfront fees or expenses.

Roswell Buses, Crashes, and Risk Factors

Like other areas of Atlanta, Roswell’s has congested, overburdened roads. Because of its location at the meeting point of several major highways and its proximity to four interstates, many buses operate in and around Roswell.

Some particularly dangerous areas include:

  • Highway 400
  • Highway 92/Holcomb Bridge Road
  • State Road 9/Alpharetta Highway
  • Highway 120
  • Highway 140
  • I-285 to I-85, I-75, and I-20

The traffic volume, speeds traveled, and complicated intersections make Roswell and North Fulton County a particularly dangerous area for buses. The buses that operate in and around Roswell include:

School Buses

Roswell and greater Fulton County have many schools, including public and private institutions.

School buses and other school transportation in the area could come from:

  • Fulton County Schools
  • Other public school systems traveling to Roswell for games or meets
  • Atlanta Academy
  • Fellowship Christian School
  • Blessed Trinity Catholic School
  • St. Francis Day School
  • High Meadows School
  • Queen of Angels Catholic School
  • Other area private schools

Long-Distance Bus Lines

Greyhound and Mega Bus run routes to and through Atlanta regularly. Roswell drivers could encounter buses operated by either of these companies in Fulton County.

Airport Transportation Shuttles

It takes almost an hour to drive from Roswell to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL), whether you take I-285, I-85, or another route. Airport transportation shuttles make sure passengers do not have to make this commute on their own or pay for airport parking.

Tour Buses

With all the historical and cultural sites in Fulton County, several tour bus companies operate in the area. They provide guided tours for visitors and locals throughout the region.

Public Transit Buses

Metro Atlanta Rapid Transportation Authority (MARTA) has three routes through Roswell, including two stops in the city. Georgia Regional Transportation Authority (GRTA) does not operate in Roswell directly, but bus riders can find a GRTA stop in John’s Creek.

Charter Buses and Privately Owned Coaches

Privately-owned coaches and charter buses serve many individuals and groups throughout Fulton County. Whether a church group taking a charter bus to a Braves game or an individual towing their weekend racer to Atlanta Motor Speedway’s Thursday Thunder, many of these vehicles pass through Roswell daily.

Party Buses

Party buses take revelers on bar crawls and other outings at night and on weekends.

Documenting Your Roswell Bus Accident Injuries and Damages

Bus accidents injure passengers, both on the bus and in vehicles the bus hits. They also hurt pedestrians and cyclists who share Roswell’s roads with buses. The resulting injuries vary widely, and many prove relatively minor. However, some face catastrophic injuries.

Bus collision injuries our clients may suffer include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries, concussions, and other head injuries
  • Spinal injuries, paralysis, and other neck and back injuries
  • Internal injuries
  • Amputations and loss of use injuries
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Burn injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Joint injuries
  • Fractures
  • Serious lacerations and contusion

If you suffer any injury, seek medical care as soon as possible. See a doctor quickly if you have any pain, bruising, or any sign of a problem.

This offers the best way to ensure you get essential care and document your injuries from the bus accident.

Recoverable Damages in a Roswell Bus Accident Claim

Documenting your injuries and tying them to the bus accident can prove essential to recovering compensation for your medical bills and expenses.

With the right evidence and support for your insurance claim or lawsuit, you could recover:

  • Medical bills, related care costs, and future treatment expenses
  • Lost income, including hourly pay, salary, commissions, tips, gig pay, and more
  • Reduced earning capacity for long-term injuries
  • Property damages
  • Miscellaneous expenses with receipts
  • Pain and suffering
  • Other non-economic losses

Our attorneys also pursue wrongful death damages for clients whose loved ones died from their Roswell bus accident injuries. These claims often prove complex and may include high-value losses, such as a long-term loss of income and benefits.

Who Bears Liability for My Roswell Bus Accident Injuries?

Your case details and other related facts will determine who bears liability for your injuries.

Our attorneys can investigate a bus crash to determine:

  • Its cause
  • What led to the bus crash
  • Which driver bears fault
  • The identity of the liable parties
  • The evidence to prove the claim

Negligence that can cause a Fulton County bus accident includes:

  • Ignoring stop signs or traffic signals
  • Failure to check an adjacent lane before merging or passing
  • Failure to stop or yield
  • Speeding
  • General carelessness or recklessness behind the wheel
  • Inadequate vehicle maintenance
  • Inclement weather
  • Poor road conditions

In most cases, Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group does not directly pursue a case against the at-fault bus driver. Under case law, Georgia recognizes the legal doctrine of vicarious liability. This allows us to seek compensation from a company when its employee acts negligently and causes injuries.

Thus, if we can show:

  • The bus driver was negligent
  • Their negligence caused our client’s injuries, and
  • Our client has financial expenses and losses as a result

Then we can demand just compensation from the insurer covering the driver’s employer or sue the employer directly. This involves a complex process, but our team can navigate it and seek recovery for our client. Many of these cases settle outside of court, but Georgia law sets a deadline of two years from the accident to begin a lawsuit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Roswell Bus Accidents

Below, we answer common questions clients ask about their bus accident cases. For more detailed information based on your case’s details, connect with our team for a complimentary consultation.

Does the Bus Operator Bear Liability for My Injuries?

The bus company, owner, or another employer of the at-fault driver may bear liability in your Fulton County crash case. Georgia allows victims to hold companies, agencies, and organizations liable for the negligent actions of their employees during their working hours. Drivers behind the wheel of a bus fall into this category. Our team can pursue these cases against the bus operator or owner. ​

Should I Talk to the Liable Party’s Insurance Company?

We tell our clients never to speak with the insurance company or another party representing the bus operator or driver. We manage all related communications for our clients. Insurers often request a recorded statement from crash victims. However, these insurance representatives already have access to the information they claim to need.

Giving the insurer a statement will not help your case. You will not say anything to convince them to pay you the sum you deserve. Speaking to them could hurt your case, however. They could take your statements out of context or otherwise use your words against you. ​

How Much Is My Roswell Bus Accident Case Worth?

We cannot give you an accurate estimate of your settlement or lawsuit’s potential value until we have a better understanding of the facts of your case, your prognosis, and the damages you suffered. We calculate a fair settlement range for each client before we demand compensation from the insurer and begin settlement negotiations.

Does the Number of Injured Passengers Affect My Claim?

Depending on the circumstances of your accident, the number of injured passengers could affect your insurance claim. Insurance policies can have a maximum payout amount for all crash victims.

If an accident injures many riders of the same bus, claims could quickly exceed this cap. When this occurs, it may require us to sue the liable parties to recover damages for our client.​

How Long Will It Take to File a Bus Accident Claim or Lawsuit?

Navigating bus accident cases often proves complex and could take time. Many factors affect how quickly these cases proceed. Some settle in a few months, while others drag out for a year or more. In general, negotiating an insurance settlement takes less time than taking the case to trial. We can offer more information based on your case’s details during a free case review.

What If My Loved One Cannot Act on Their Own? What if They Passed Away?

Bus accidents can cause major injuries. If your loved one cannot pursue compensation because of the severity of their injuries, you may act on their behalf. This also applies if the victim is a minor, such as a child hurt in a school bus collision. Our team can assess your options and guide you through this process.

We also represent families who lost loved ones due to bus accident injuries. You could recover wrongful death damages after a Roswell bus crash.

When Should I Hire a Bus Accident Lawyer?

Get your first consultation with our bus accident lawyers as soon as your injuries allow. The sooner you hire an attorney to investigate and build your case, the more evidence we can secure to make your case. Some evidence does not last. When an attorney gets to work early, they often develop a stronger case that supports a fair and just insurance settlement or court award.

What If I Suffered Catastrophic Injuries?

People with catastrophic injuries often have extensive ongoing and future care needs. If you or your loved one requires long-term support and treatment, recovering fair compensation becomes even more important. We work with experts to document our client’s estimated future expenses and seek money to cover them.

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Jennifer Gore-Cuthbert, Roswell Bus Crash Attorney

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