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Suwanee Catastrophic Injury Lawyers

When an injury permanently changes an individual’s life, it may be considered catastrophic. If a severe injury is caused by another person’s reckless or negligent behavior, a victim has legal options for pursuing comprehensive compensation for all their losses.

If you recently experienced a life-changing accident, contact a Suwanee catastrophic injury lawyer for dedicated legal support. A hardworking attorney could tirelessly pursue compensation for ongoing medical care and other expenses related to your traumatic injury.

Examples of Catastrophic Injuries

Life-changing injuries come in many forms, often resulting from the negligent or intentional actions of other people. The attorneys at our Suwanee office frequently represent victims who sustain the following catastrophic injuries:

  • Brain injuries and head trauma
  • Paralysis, such as paraplegia or quadriplegia
  • Disfigurement
  • Burn injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Loss of limb(s)

Common Causes of Traumatic Injuries in Suwanee

A traumatic injury can occur for a wide variety of reasons. Some of the most frequent causes include:

Filing a Catastrophic Injury Claim

According to Georgia Code § 9-3-33, plaintiffs have two years to file claims for traumatic injuries. The two-year time limit typically starts on the day of the accident. However, exceptions are made for those who do not discover their injuries until a later date. For example, if a surgical complication resulted in traumatic injuries that manifested over time, the court will likely grant a filing extension.

Damages for Family Members of Catastrophic Accident Victims

If a person dies because of their catastrophic injury, a lawyer could also represent their family in pursuing a wrongful death claim. Surviving family members often request a variety of damages, especially if the deceased loved one was the main income source. A dedicated attorney in the area could fight for compensation to cover:

  • Lost past and future wages
  • Emergency medical care
  • Funeral and burial services
  • Loss of companionship
  • Emotional distress

Comparative Fault Rules in Georgia

To establish fault in catastrophic injury cases, courts in Suwanee and the rest of the state abide by modified comparative negligence rules. This means that a plaintiff and their attorney can claim damages as long as they are not 50 percent or more at fault for their injuries.

For example, say a pedestrian was walking down a city street and following all traffic laws. A driver runs up on the sidewalk and hits the pedestrian due to intoxication and reckless driving. The driver will likely be 100 percent to blame for the accident, meaning that the pedestrian could recover 100 percent of the requested damages if their claim is successful.

Conversely, say the pedestrian was jaywalking at the time of the accident and is found 49 percent at fault for the incident. The pedestrian would have their damages amount reduced by 49 percent. If they are found more than 50 percent at fault, they will not be able to recover any compensation for their injuries. As such, it is essential for a catastrophic injury victim to work with legal counsel on a strong claim for full and fair recovery.

Reach Out to a Suwanee Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Today

If you were recently involved in a life-altering accident, take action today by contacting a Suwanee catastrophic injury lawyer. One of our attorneys could handle the legal side of things while you focus on recovering from your accident.

A skilled lawyer could gather evidence of a defendant’s negligence and calculate the full extent of your injury-related losses. However, there may be limited time to pursue a civil claim for compensation, so call our office today to get started.