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Suwanee Bus Accident Lawyers

Buses provide an efficient mode of transportation for many people. However, these vehicles are not without risks. Buses typically have large blind spots and can cause severe damage in the event of a traffic accident due to their large size.

If you have been injured in a crash involving a bus, you might be entitled to monetary damages to cover your losses. Speak with a Suwanee bus accident lawyer and discuss who may be held liable for your injuries. An experienced attorney could be the advocate you need for a successful civil claim.

Deadlines for Bus Crash Claims in Suwanee

After a serious bus crash, it is important to reach out to legal counsel as soon as possible to preserve the right to file a lawsuit. The law requires an injured person to bring their suit within two years of the incident that caused their injury.

However, this time frame is even shorter for claims involving a state or a local government entity. If the accident involved a city bus, school bus, prison bus, private bus operating under a government contract, or any vehicle providing a government-supported service, there may be legal nuances to filing a claim for damages.

The Official Code of Georgia Annotated §36-33-5 requires anyone with a claim against a local Georgia government to file an ante litem notice within six months of the incident. The law sets forth specific requirements for the contents of the notice and failing to file on time may result in a denied claim. An experienced local attorney could be crucial in preserving a bus crash victim’s rights by ensuring that the target government receives a properly composed notice before the deadline passes.

Proving Negligence in a Bus Collision

To recover compensation, an injured plaintiff and their attorney must prove that another party’s negligence contributed to the bus collision. Proving negligence involves showing that the defendant breached an obligation to the plaintiff, and that the plaintiff suffered actual losses because of the breach.

Buses are common carriers, meaning that bus drivers have a heightened duty to operate safely and protect their passengers and other people on the road. A bus driver who operates their vehicle while fatigued, distracted, or under the influence of alcohol or drugs could be found negligent in the event of a collision. A failure to obey traffic laws could also constitute legal responsibility for any ensuing accidents.

Besides the driver, a bus owner could be found liable for neglecting to properly maintain the vehicle if a crash is caused by mechanical failure or breakdown. Similarly, a bus manufacturer could be held liable if a faulty part leads to a crash. A diligent attorney in the area could investigate the circumstances of a bus crash in Suwanee to identify all potentially negligent parties. In addition to the bus driver, company, and manufacturer, negligent parties might include other drivers, local governments, or maintenance workers.

Proving Damages in Bus Accident Cases

In addition to establishing that a defendant was negligent, a plaintiff and their bus crash lawyer also must demonstrate compensable damages. Damages are losses the plaintiff suffered because of their injuries.

Some damages, like medical expenses or time lost from work, are easy to establish. The plaintiff could present receipts, health insurance forms, pay stubs, and other documentation to prove their economic damages.

Non-economic damages could be trickier to prove. These are payments to acknowledge a plaintiff’s suffering, inconvenience, and lifestyle changes due to the accident. A skilled bus collision attorney might seek statements or testimony from the plaintiff and their family to demonstrate how an injury has impacted their lives. In some cases, a video documenting the plaintiff’s injury-related difficulties could be compelling proof of non-economic damages.

Speak with a Suwanee Bus Accident Attorney Today

Bus companies may retain legal professionals to fight back against your claim and avoid paying for your damages. If you were injured in a bus crash, it may be necessary to seek a skilled litigator who could advocate on your behalf and protect your right to fair compensation. A Suwanee bus accident lawyer could tirelessly represent you in settlement negotiations or civil court and help pursue adequate restitution for your losses. Call today to schedule a case review.