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A spinal cord injury hurts more than your back. It hurts your plans for the future, relationships with others, and day-to-day function. What’s more, it can cost you thousands of dollars out of pocket, hurting your financial stability.

Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group understands what you’re going through. That’s why our Alpharetta spinal injury lawyers advocate for injured claimants and their loved ones. If you’re looking for comprehensive legal support, look no further; we can recover compensation for your losses. Call now to start a free case review.

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Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group Helps Clients Win Cases

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You should not have to pay expenses or suffer financial losses because of another party’s negligence. You deserve fair and just compensation, and you don’t have to endure this process alone. Our lawyers provide support, advocacy, and representation while pursuing your economic and non-economic damages.

We advocate for spinal cord injury claimants in the aftermath of:

  • Car accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrian and bicycle accidents
  • Pool and diving incidents
  • Falls
  • Construction site accidents
  • Other premises liability incidents

Our attorneys know how difficult it is to face a life-changing injury, undergo intensive rehabilitation, and still struggle financially because of lost income and related expenses. This is why we advocate for clients without charging upfront fees. We work based on contingency. Our attorney’s fees come from the payouts we recover, never from our clients’ pockets.

How Our Alpharetta Spinal Injury Attorneys Build Cases

Alpharetta Spinal Injury Lawyer

If someone else’s carelessness or recklessness caused your spinal cord injury, state law allows you to hold them responsible. You have a right to file a lawsuit or an insurance claim to recover compensation. Our attorneys handle personal injury cases every day. We know how to show what happened, who is responsible, and how much your case is worth.

A big part of your case requires us to prove negligence. That means showing that because another party acted carelessly, you suffered a spinal cord injury and have damages.

Negligence occurs when:

  • A party owes a duty of care to another.
  • They breach this duty.
  • Their breach causes the incident.
  • The victim suffers physical, financial, and emotional harm.

For example, imagine you suffered injuries in a rear-end collision. The driver behind you had a duty of care to follow all applicable traffic laws and prevent accidents. They failed to do so, causing the crash. If you have injuries and damages, you could recover those expenses through a claim or lawsuit.

Our attorneys know how to seek compensation in personal injury cases. You can explore your options further today during a free case review.

How Our Lawyers Can Handle Your Alpharetta Spinal Injury Case

When our attorneys represent an accident victim living with a spinal cord injury, we gather evidence to determine what happened and who is responsible. We must develop a strong case to show that our client deserves appropriate compensation for the pain, suffering, expenses, and losses they endured.

Once we believe we have the necessary evidence, we generally have two ways to recover compensation:

  • File an insurance claim and negotiate a fair settlement
  • File a lawsuit and take the case to civil court

Our approach depends greatly on the circumstances. Sometimes, we file a claim and never need to sue the at-fault party. In others, we pursue both avenues concurrently. While most winning cases end with an insurance settlement agreement and payout, trials are sometimes the best way to ensure our client gets a fair chance at recovering the money they need.

We Adhere to All Civil Deadlines

Per state law, accident victims generally have up to two years to file a lawsuit. There are exceptions to this deadline, and you could have even less time to file depending on your circumstances. We recommend calling us as soon as your injuries allow, so we can begin gathering evidence.

Damages Recoverable in an Alpharetta Spinal Injury Claim or Lawsuit

Spinal cord injuries are one of the most expensive injuries to treat, rehabilitate, and live with. There are numerous expenses required, especially in the first year following the injury. Treatment, therapies, and at-home care are expensive, and specialized equipment is often necessary.

Those living with spinal cord injuries might need:

  • A prescribed wheelchair or other mobility equipment
  • Lifts and systems to help move them throughout the home
  • Renovated bathrooms and showers
  • Ramps, stairlifts, widened doorways, and other in-home renovations
  • A wheelchair-accessible vehicle
  • Other adaptive equipment

Because many spinal cord injuries are permanent, some of these expenses recur regularly. In-home care, respite care, or long-term facility placement might also be an added expense for some families whose loved ones have significant limitations or co-occurring conditions.

Examples of Compensable Losses in Your Spinal Injury Case

When we pursue compensation for our clients in an Alpharetta spinal injury case, we document their recoverable damages, calculate a fair settlement range, and seek a payout that compensates them fairly.

Recoverable damages in your case may comprise:

  • Current and future medical treatment and rehabilitation
  • Medical and mobility equipment
  • Ongoing care and support costs
  • Income lost
  • Reduced ability to earn
  • Additional expenses, with receipts
  • Pain and suffering
  • Other non-economic losses, such as disability

We also handle wrongful death cases. In Alpharetta, state law allows some family members to pursue a wrongful death action if their loved one passes away from their injuries before they sue the liable party. We often represent spouses, children, and parents in these cases. We can review your options with you for free today.

Considerations After Your Spinal Cord Injury in Alpharetta

It’s vital that you seek medical attention in the aftermath of a spinal cord injury. A healthcare provider can stabilize your condition, prevent the injury from worsening, and outline your treatment plan. You want to do everything possible to mitigate your symptoms and reach maximum medical improvement.

Additional considerations in the aftermath of your injury include:

Attending Physical Therapy

If your doctor recommends that you seek physical therapy, you should follow those instructions. Not only does this better your condition, but it shows the insurer that you’re serious about recovering. It’s worth noting that the information you get from your physical therapist can also serve as evidence in your case.

Document the Accident and Your Injuries

Your case needs supporting evidence to succeed. Depending on your circumstances, you could document the accident scene by taking photos and videos of your surroundings. You could also write down the names of witnesses who saw what happened.

The more supporting information you have, the less likely the insurer is to discredit your case. While your lawyer can gather evidence, you should also do your part and hold onto vital documents.

Refer All Communications to Your Lawyer

Once the insurer finds out that you have a lawyer, it can’t contact you directly. Still, that might not stop the claims adjuster from asking you to give a recorded statement. In this situation, refer them to your attorney. You don’t have to give a recorded statement, and doing so could cause more harm than good. Your lawyer can give the insurer all the information it requires. 

The claims adjuster can see anything you post on social media and use your own words to discredit your case. They may even take old photos out of context, claiming that you’re not as injured as you say. To promote a smooth claims process, we ask that you keep all case-related matters between you, your lawyer, and your immediate loved ones. Cyberspace doesn’t need to know about your spinal cord injury claim or lawsuit.

You’re in enough pain as it is. You don’t want to compound matters with a complicated legal case. Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group stands ready to manage your case and everything it entails. Remember: we work on contingency, so we don’t request our attorney’s fees upfront.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Our Alpharetta Spinal Injury Lawyers

Our team has answered some of the most common questions from spinal cord injury victims below. These answers are not legal advice and are only provided for your information. We can answer more specific questions during your consultation.

How Long Will It Take to Recover Compensation?

How long it takes to build a case and recover compensation depends on the circumstances. Before settling, we must understand your prognosis, ongoing care needs, and other expenses.

Once we file your claim, negotiations could take a few weeks or several months. If we need to sue and go to trial, this could take a year or longer. There is no way to predict the time it will take to pursue a payout based on your personal injury case. Yet, we aim to do everything possible to advance your case and keep it moving forward.

Will My Settlement Cover My Future Medical Needs?

Your settlement’s value can account for your future medical needs, such as surgeries, medications, and hospitalization. Your final settlement should account for each of your injury-related losses, including those you haven’t incurred yet. We can consult with your healthcare team to learn about your anticipated needs.

Do I Need an Attorney to Win My Case?

Working with an attorney on your spinal injury case allows you to focus on your treatment, rehabilitation, and physical recovery. It could also help avoid any delays that may halt the claims process. Also, having an attorney handle your case costs you nothing upfront.

A spinal injury lawyer from our firm knows how to build a case against a liable party, document recoverable damages, and pursue justice for their client. They handle similar cases every day. We want to manage your claim so you can focus on healing.

What if My Loved One Cannot File a Claim or Lawsuit on Their Own?

When spinal cord injuries cause severe limitations or occur alongside traumatic brain injuries, the victim might not be capable of making decisions on their own. If this happens to your loved one, we encourage you to reach out to our team. We know this is a challenging situation and handle these cases with compassion.

Your loved one relies on you to fight for justice. We can ensure you have the legal authority to act on their behalf and take the necessary steps to proceed with the case. We also handle wrongful death cases in the event your loved one passes away from their injuries.

We encourage you to contact our team about your case as soon as your injuries allow. Going to work early on a case has several benefits, including protecting your right to fair compensation from the first day and allowing us to uncover time-sensitive evidence.

Do I Have to Go to Trial to Recover Compensation?

Most spinal injury cases do not go to trial. When we file a lawsuit, we usually continue negotiating with the insurance company, too. This often ends in a negotiated settlement, mediation, or arbitration before setting a trial date or going to court.

When necessary, our attorneys may take a personal injury case to a jury trial. Some circumstances make this the best option for recovering appropriate compensation for our client. If we believe going to trial is necessary to get a fair payout, we will not back down.

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