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Things Insurance Companies Love that Weaken your Injury Claim

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Insurance Companies Love:

  • When you don’t call the police to the scene of the accident.
  • Love when you don’t take an ambulance or don’t go to the hospital immediately.
  • They love any and all delays in seeking medical evaluation and treatment. The insurance company will say, “You couldn’t have been hurt too bad, you didn’t seek treatment right away!”
  • They love it when you don’t go to the doctor consistently and there are gaps in treatment. They will suggest, “You must not have been hurt too bad because you didn’t make it to your doctors appointments consistently!”
  • They love it when you forgot to take any photos of your damages.
  • They love it when you forget to tell the doctors about any prior injuries. They use this to make a big deal about you not giving an accurate medical history.
  • They love to look on the internet on sites like facebook, twitter, etc. If you posted anything online that might suggest you are not as hurt as you say, they will attack your credibility, including; dancing, drinking and enjoying your self.