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Tiffany Givens
Tiffany Givens

Legal Assistant
Tiffany Givens

Tiffany is a Georgia native with nearly a decade of experience in personal injury law. Having endured her own experience with personal injury has only emboldened her, further allowing her to bring an unmistakable empathy and passion to her work. Tiffany often says it is important to have a job that “feeds the soul” and her career does just that.

Married to her childhood best friend, Tiffany spends her personal time invested in her husband and their teenage son. She enjoys cooking, reading fiction novels, and listening to her vinyl record collection.

Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group – Gore


  • A decade of experience in personal injury law

  • Spends her personal time with her family
  • Enjoys cooking
  • Reads fiction novels
  • Listens to her vinyl record collection

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