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After someone else's negligence leads to your traumatic brain injury (TBI), it can result in potentially life-altering changes, causing you to suffer serious health and life challenges for years to come. You may need both financial and physical assistance for the rest of your life. If you were in an Atlanta accident that left you with a brain injury, you may seek financial compensation for these losses.

Pursuing justice against the person responsible for your condition can require taking a long and challenging road, however. The Atlanta brain injury/TBI lawyers at Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group can help you navigate the complex process of recovering damages for your trauma.

Why Hire Our Atlanta Brain Injury/TBI Attorneys?

Our firm's founder, Jennifer Gore-Cuthbert, understands firsthand how serious injuries from car crashes are. As the victim of a vehicle accident herself, she found dealing with the aftermath more challenging than any victim of someone else's negligence should have to bear.

Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group is dedicated to helping you understand your legal options. We can fight vigorously for your rights, so you don’t have to deal with insurance company representatives and the opposing party’s attorneys by yourself. With our years of experience helping accident victims who suffered traumatic brain injuries, we can offer you legal advice to help you seek justice.

How Much Will I Get for My Atlanta Brain Injury?

The circumstances surrounding an accident are different for every person. The injuries one person suffers may be completely different from the next person. While some brain injury cases can change a victim's life over the long term, others could regain normal function with time and treatment.

No case is guaranteed any set amount of compensation. However, an Atlanta TBI lawyer can thoroughly investigate your case and give you a possible range of what your compensation could look like. Generally speaking, the more serious your injuries and the more expensive your medical care, the higher your potential case value could be.

Economic Damages for Your TBI

Economic damages are those losses that have a specific dollar amount attached to them. They include any damage that affects you financially.

A few examples include:

  • Lost income - If you cannot go back to work while you recover from your injuries, your ideal settlement would fairly compensate you for your salary or wages you would have received had you not been injured.
  • Loss of future income - Many brain injuries are so traumatic that the victim never recovers. If your injuries are so severe you can never return to work, part of your settlement package may include payment for loss of future wages.
  • Property damage - Was your home or car damaged or destroyed in your accident? Your compensation could include damages for your lost or damaged property.
  • Medical bills - If you needed medical treatment because of your accident, you can include those expenses as part of your compensation. Depending on the details of your case, these medical expenses could include medications, surgeries, hospitalizations, in-home care, physical therapy, and any ongoing treatment stemming directly from your accident.

Non-Economic Damages for Your TBI

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), those suffering from traumatic brain injuries may have to undergo extensive rehabilitative treatment after moderate or severe injuries. Still, despite the treatment options available for improving function, victims of these accidents may face the hardship of disability and loss of their former lifestyles.

Non-economic damages for your brain injury can attempt to compensate you for those losses.

Typical non-economic losses include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment in life
  • Emotional duress
  • Disability
  • Scarring and disfigurement

Our Atlanta personal injury law firm can help you seek fair compensation for your non-economic damages.

If your loved one died in an accident, you may file a wrongful death claim. This can allow you to seek compensation for your loved one's medical expenses before their passing, funeral costs, income losses to your family, and non-financial damages.

Punitive Damages for Your TBI

Punitive damages are different from economic and non-economic damages. Juries sometimes award punitive damages if they determine the party responsible for your injuries was especially malicious in their harm toward you as the victim.

However, these damages are rare in personal injury cases, and you must meet the legal criteria to qualify for punitive damages. Your Atlanta brain injury lawyer can explain these details to you.

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim for My Atlanta Brain Injury Case?

Time limits called statutes of limitations govern personal injury lawsuits. In Georgia, the deadline is normally two years from the accident. If you file a wrongful death claim for the loss of a relative, the time limit to file suit is also two years and generally starts with the date of the victim's passing.

If you miss your filing deadline, you may wind up forfeiting your ability to seek financial compensation from the person or entity responsible for your injuries. Filing a personal injury lawsuit properly requires specific paperwork to be filled out precisely. An Atlanta TBI attorney can help you with these details.

Dealing With Atlanta Insurance Companies for Personal Injury Cases

For many brain injury victims, getting compensation from the opposing party's insurance company is an uphill battle. Insurance companies are in business to make money—like any business. This often means maximizing profits and minimizing payouts.

The attorneys at Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group understand the struggle many of our clients go through. Dealing with the aftereffects of TBI is hard enough without dealing with insurance representatives who may try to discredit your claim.

Our team knows the kind of tactics these companies may try. We work to anticipate their strategies and see through their delays. We can help you by negotiating with these companies on your behalf. You can focus on your recovery and getting on with your life.

Common Causes of Atlanta Brain Injuries

Several types of injury incidents and accidents can cause Atlanta brain injuries. Below are some of the more common causes of TBI that we can assist you with.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

When another vehicle strikes your car, it can throw your body inside the car. Striking a hard surface in your car can cause a brain injury.

If you are thrown from your car during an accident and strike a hard object (the ground, another car, etc.) it is very easy to suffer catastrophic brain injuries. As a crash jostles your head, your brain can collide with the inside of your skull, damaging its soft tissue.

Motorcycle or Bicycle Accidents

If a motor vehicle strikes you or otherwise causes you to crash while on a motorcycle or bicycle, you could face major injuries. Your body—and especially your head—does not have nearly the same protection as a car. While a helmet does offer some protection, being thrown from a motorcycle or bicycle can still result in severe injury or even death

Slip and Fall Accidents

Did you fall because of a wet surface in a grocery store or department store? If the walkway was a slipping hazard and not clearly marked, those responsible for the safety issue could be held accountable for your injuries.

Other injury accidents could stem from these hazards on a premises:

  • Stairs that are in a state of disrepair
  • Torn or ragged carpeting
  • Lax security protocols that lead to a physical attack by another person

If any of these hazards result in a blow to your head, you could suffer a brain injury. If you are not sure if your slip and fall accident was due to someone else’s negligence, you can get in touch with our Atlanta personal injury office for help.

Who Is Responsible for My Injury?

Sometimes, it can be difficult to know who to file a claim or lawsuit against for your TBI. As with any personal injury, your case is unique and the circumstances surrounding your injury may be difficult to recall.

Depending on the kind of accident you suffered, your injury’s liability may lie with:

  • The motor vehicle owner
  • The vehicle’s driver
  • The commercial driver’s employer
  • Doctors and staff at the hospital treating you
  • Property owners negligent with the upkeep of their building or property
  • Sports teams and staff that are negligent in keeping their players safe

An employee may have taken actions (or failed to act) that led to your accident and injury. When dealing with a business, however, the employee who caused your injury may not be the sole responsible party. If the employer is liable, you could seek compensation through their corporate insurance policy.

How Aggressive Are Atlanta Drivers?

Driver data from the GasBuddy app ranks Atlanta just behind Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Philadelphia for America’s most aggressive drivers. Aggressive driving increases the chance of serious injury, as aggressive drivers may take more chances than other drivers. Their emotions may cause them to make poor driving decisions, putting other drivers around them in danger.

The app’s data notes that Atlanta drivers are typically about 20 percent more aggressive in their driving habits when compared to other major U.S. cities. Gas Buddy’s data notes that aggressive driving in Atlanta is at its lowest on Wednesdays, peaking on Fridays.

How Dangerous Is it to Drive in Atlanta?

According to a 2018 article in Atlanta Magazine, Atlanta was ranked 186th out of 200 major American cities in terms of safety, based on an Allstate Insurance report. While the study only tracked Allstate-insured drivers, that statistic is still alarming for any motorist traveling in Atlanta.

Atlanta drivers also score high in “braking events,” with drivers averaging 30 such events out of every 1,000 miles driven. Allstate’s Drivewise app tracks drivers’ habits, using accelerometers and phone services to mine its data.

Atlanta's drivers also are more likely to file an insurance claim, with drivers filing claims 60 percent more often, the report claims.

Most Dangerous Intersections in Atlanta

Based on the above information, it should come as no surprise that there are several dangerous intersections in the metro Atlanta area.

Below are some of the most noteworthy intersections where accidents may be more likely.

  • Cobb Place Boulevard and Ernest Barrett Parkway
  • Memorial Drive and N Road
  • Jimmy Carter Boulevard and Peachtree Industrial Boulevard
  • East Park Place Boulevard and Stone Mountain Highway
  • Covington Highway and Lithonia Road
  • State Bridge Road and Medlock Bridge Road
  • Briarcliff Road and North Druid Hills Road
  • Piedmont Avenue and Monroe Drive
  • Steve Reynolds Boulevard and Venture Drive
  • Butner Road and Camp Creek Parkway

Whether you were injured at one of these dangerous locations or another area, our attorneys can help you seek the financial recovery you need after a crash.

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