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Our team can help if you or a loved one suffered a traumatic brain injury in a recent accident. When someone else’s carelessness or recklessness causes injuries, the victims have a right to seek compensation and hold the at-fault party accountable. Our Atlanta traumatic brain injury lawyer knows how to build these cases and pursue justice.

If you or a loved one suffered a traumatic brain injury, we can discuss your legal options and next steps with you for free. Learn more about our services and how we can fight for your best interests. Contact Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group now to get started.

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Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group Represents Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors

Atlanta Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

At Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group, our attorneys represent those living with catastrophic injuries every day. We understand how a significant traumatic brain injury affects almost every part of your life and why getting the care and support you need is important. We want you to focus on healing and rehabilitation, not worry about your legal case.

We believe our clients deserve justice. After all they endured because of someone else’s carelessness, they deserve advocacy and someone to fight for their best interests. We seek compensation based on their case facts and appropriate compensation for their expenses, injuries, and future care needs. When negligence causes preventable injuries, we aim to hold those responsible accountable.

Our attorneys work based on contingency. We never ask our clients to pay upfront fees. We know you have many out-of-pocket expenses and costs right now, and you do not need your personal injury attorney to be another one. Our attorney’s fees come from the payout we recover for our client, never from the client’s pocket. We answer questions about our fees during our initial consultation.

How Our Atlanta Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyers Build a Case

Traumatic brain injuries occur in many different ways.

Some that we handle in our practice include:

  • Car accidents
  • Motorcycle crashes
  • Bicycle and pedestrian injuries
  • Slip or trip and fall
  • Construction site accidents
  • Pool accidents
  • Other premises liability incidents

In each of these accidents or incidents, the injury occurred because of someone else’s carelessness or recklessness. This is the common theme of personal injury cases. One person acts negligently and harms another.

When we investigate a brain injury accident, we gather evidence to show:

  • What happened to cause the injuries
  • Who acted negligently
  • The losses and expenses our client experienced
  • Their estimated future-related damages

The evidence available depends greatly on the facts of the case but often includes official reports, relevant medical records, eyewitness statements, expert testimony, videos, and photos. We know how to analyze evidence to develop a strong case against the negligent party. The goal is to convince their insurer to pay a fair settlement or take the case to trial and convince the jury to award the compensation.

Potential Liable Parties in Atlanta Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

Atlanta Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Depending on the incident that led to the traumatic brain injury, you may hold liable:

  • A careless driver
  • A trucking company that employed an at-fault trucker
  • A property owner that failed to maintain their property
  • The owner of a business with preventable hazards on site

Sometimes, there are vicariously liable parties. This means that are employers legally responsible for actions taken by their workers. When a worker acts negligently, we file our claims and lawsuits against the company. They usually carry larger corporate liability policies that allow us to seek more money for our client’s treatment and care. One common example of this is when a truck driver causes a collision.

Our Atlanta Lawyers Seek Fair Compensation for the Client’s Damages

Traumatic brain injuries are especially expensive to treat, manage, and live with. Those who suffer significant injuries often require specialized inpatient rehabilitation and several intensive therapies to reach maximum medical recovery.

The prognosis varies widely. Some recover almost fully. Others require around-the-clock supervision, ventilator support, or other nursing care. As traumatic brain injury attorneys, our team understands the importance of looking at each client’s case individually. No two cases are alike, especially when it comes to brain injuries.

When we build a case against the liable party, we document our client’s expenses and losses. This includes their current bills, estimated future needs, financial losses, and intangible damages. We use this documentation to calculate an estimated fair settlement range for their case.

The compensation we pursue for a client with a traumatic brain injury in Atlanta could include:

  • Medical bills, current and future
  • Income losses to date
  • Diminished ability to work and earn in the future
  • Related expenses, with receipts
  • Pain and suffering damages

When negotiating with the insurance company, we use the fair settlement range we established for the case to ensure we seek a payout that covers our client’s current and future damages. Without calculating the possible value of the case, we could not ensure we are pursuing the payout they need to cover their care costs. We also use this evidence to show the case’s potential value if we go to trial to pursue compensation.

Wrongful Death in an Atlanta Personal Injury Incident

Sometimes, traumatic brain injury victims might pass away before they file a lawsuit or take other action to recover compensation in their case. When this occurs, state law allows certain family members to obtain damages through a wrongful death action. Our team handles these cases and can discuss your options with you today for free.

Let an Atlanta Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Fight for Your Payout

Once we identify the liable party, we work to strengthen our case against them. Without strong evidence, it is difficult to convince the insurer our client deserves the payout we demand. Most of our cases settle without going to trial, but we go to court when necessary for our client’s best interest.

Generally, an insurance settlement or trial verdict and award are the two ways we win these cases for our clients. We negotiate with the insurance company representing the liable party for a settlement agreement that fairly compensates the client. This may occur before we file a lawsuit, and sometimes it happens afterward. We could settle a case at any time during the process. If there is no fair settlement offer, we go to trial.

Our clients count on our attorneys to:

  • Protect their rights throughout the process
  • Manage all communication with the insurers and liable party
  • Represent their best interests
  • Answer questions and provide updates as needed
  • Fight for fair compensation based on the case facts
  • Hold the negligent party accountable when possible
  • Handle all aspects of their legal case so they can focus on healing

Start Your Traumatic Brain Injury Case As Soon As Possible

Per state law, we usually have up to two years following an injury to begin a lawsuit. Traumatic brain injury cases do take time. It is often difficult to know the person’s prognosis or future care needs for several months following their injury. However, we encourage families to connect with us as early as possible.

While we cannot file a case until we know more about our client’s future, we get to work on building the case immediately. Knowing about it early could mean building a stronger claim because evidence disappears as time passes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Our Atlanta Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

We have included a list of some of our most commonly answered questions. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for or want information based on your unique case circumstances, we invite you to contact our team for your free initial consultation.

How Much Is My Case Worth?

There is no way to estimate how much a traumatic brain injury case might be worth without first investigating it. We calculate a fair settlement value for our clients’ cases as a part of building support for their claims or lawsuits. However, this requires analyzing medical records, interviewing experts, understanding the prognosis, and discussing future care needs.

No two cases are the same. If we represent you, we can calculate a settlement range for your case before we demand compensation from the insurer or take the case to trial. There is no way to accurately determine how much you might recover before this time.

Will My Insurance Payout Cover My Future Care Needs?

Our attorneys handle catastrophic injury cases frequently. We understand how challenging it is to know you or your loved one faces a lifetime of care and support needs and will have to pay for those. This is why we are adamant about pursuing compensation for your future medical needs in addition to treatment costs to date.

Future treatment or ongoing care needs add up quickly. While each injury and recovery differ, some require around-the-clock care. Others need lifts, ramps, wheelchairs, and other adaptive equipment. We know the strain these expenses can put on a family, and we do not believe you should have to shoulder the burden.

When someone’s careless or reckless behavior causes an accident and injuries, they should be responsible for the related expenses, both today and in the future.

Do I Need an Attorney to Recover Money in My Case?

Having a traumatic brain injury lawyer on your side can make recovering compensation in these accidents much easier. An attorney knows how the process works, how to build a case, and how to calculate a fair settlement value. Without a lawyer, the victim and their family would have to manage these steps on their own.

What if My Loved One’s Injuries Prevent Them From Handling Their Claim?

Traumatic brain injuries often leave victims unable to manage their own affairs. Even in cases when they handle many everyday tasks, they might not have the capacity to make these decisions or understand the process.

Our team handles catastrophic injury cases regularly. We know how to approach these cases and what it takes to secure compensation. We help families like yours navigate the process and recover compensation for medical care, ongoing care and support, lost income, and other damages.

How Long Do I Have to Sue?

Generally, state law gives Atlanta accident victims up to two years to begin a lawsuit. However, there are numerous reasons why you do not want to wait this long to get started. The sooner our attorneys begin work on a case, the more evidence is available. This could make a significant difference in your case.

Imagine there is a video of a car accident that clearly shows the other driver running a red light. The video is from the surveillance camera at a nearby gas station. However, the system records over these videos every two weeks. Unless we identify this video and get a copy before this happens, this important evidence disappears.

Do I Have to Go to Court?

Most cases do not go to trial. They settle out of court with the parties negotiating a settlement agreement that works for both of them. Most victims never have to go to court to recover fair compensation for their injuries.

However, some circumstances call for a lawsuit, trial, and verdict. If our attorneys believe it is in a client’s best interests to take their case to trial, we will do so. Sometimes, this is the only way to pursue the compensation they need and deserve for catastrophic injuries.

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Jennifer Gore-Cuthbert, Atlanta Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

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