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Isela Gutierrez 

Isela Gutierrez









New Client Coordinator
Isela Gutierrez

Isela has devoted nearly four years to the personal industry, where she currently serves as a bilingual new client coordinator. Her passion lies in offering steadfast support to individuals in the early phases of their cases. With a proven track record of providing compassionate assistance and a deep commitment to aiding those in need, Isela is determined to make a difference in the lives of clients during their most crucial moments.

During her free time, Isela enjoys traveling with her husband and children, creating cherished family memories as they explore new destinations. Moreover, she actively volunteers in her local community, dedicating her time to providing clothing for those in need and donating essential supplies to local schools. Isela’s commitment to both her family and community highlights her well-rounded and compassionate nature extending beyond her professional career.

Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group – Gore


  • Bilingual new client coordinator

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