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Burn injuries are extremely painful and often leave scars last for the rest of your life. Severe burns compromise your ability to work and perform daily tasks, creating financial difficulties as your medical bills and other losses increase.

Whether your burns occurred in a vehicle accident or a structural fire, you could have grounds to seek compensation for your injuries. The Alpharetta burn injury lawyers at Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group can build your case and protect your legal right to fair compensation for your injuries.

Alpharetta Burn Injury Guide

Guiding Principles for our Burn Injury Attorneys in Alpharetta

At Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group, we represent injury victims in insurance claims and injury lawsuits. We understand that it takes time to recover from a severe burn injury. Let us handle all the legal matters for you, so you can focus on your burn treatment and recovery.

We derive our strategies for helping burn injury victims from our seven guiding principles:

  1. Be accountable
  2. Be proactive
  3. Be efficient
  4. Be compassionate
  5. Be optimistic
  6. Be detail-oriented
  7. Be customer service-oriented

By following these guiding principles, our attorneys have successfully pursued favorable settlements for many Alpharetta burn injury victims. Our goal is to provide you with the support you need to pursue the compensation you deserve. Our team can handle every step of the legal process to ensure the best possible outcome for your burn injury claim.

Damages You Can Claim After a Burn Injury

When you seek compensation for the losses associated with your burn injury, you can request far more than medical bills. Damages in a personal injury claim span all the economic and non-economic losses you sustained.

These may include:

  • Lost or reduced income
  • Medical expenses
  • Hospital bills
  • Treatment costs
  • Physical or mental therapy
  • Pain and suffering
  • Scarring
  • Disfigurement
  • Chronic disability
  • Emotional trauma
  • Loss of enjoyment
  • Reduced quality of life
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Anxiety, depression, or psychological distress
  • Limited mobility
  • Diminished quality of life

Burn injuries can affect every aspect of your life, but you should not have to suffer through them alone. The attorneys at Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group aim to secure maximum compensation for your losses. It’s our goal to ensure that you have the resources you need to recover from your injuries and enjoy your quality of life.

Fire Injuries and Fatalities in Our State

According to the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), an estimated 84 percent of fire injuries in Georgia are due to structural fires—77 percent of which take place in residential structures. Recently there were over 100 home fire fatalities in the state reported by the news media.

Vehicle fires, including recreational vehicles, trucks, cars, and boats, make up 8 percent of injuries but 32 percent of fire deaths.

Where Do Most Burns Occur?

Extreme heat, flames, harsh chemicals, electrical currents, and scalding food or water all cause burns. Burn injuries can happen at work, in your home, or in a car accident.

Common locations for burn injuries include:

  • Outdoor fire pits or grilling stations
  • Apartment and condo buildings
  • Commercial and industrial facilities
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Hotels, motels, and inns
  • Recreational vehicles (RVs)
  • Workplaces
  • Car and truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents

Based on the location where your burns occurred, someone else may be liable for the injuries you suffered. An attorney from our team can help you hold the at-fault party (or parties) accountable for your burn injuries.

The Most Common Causes of Burn Injuries

The UFSA reports that more than 1.2 million fires affected people across the United States each year, causing 16,600 injuries and over 3,700 deaths. The most common causes of burn injuries include:

Residential Building Fires

Data compiled by the USFA shows that residential properties are the site of most fire-related injuries and deaths. The most prevalent reason for residential fires is cooking. Other causes include electrical malfunctions, heating apparatus, inappropriately operated equipment, appliance fires, and smoking.

If you suffered burn injuries in a residential fire, you could seek compensation from the responsible party, such as the:

  • Property owner
  • Landlord
  • Property manager
  • Appliance manufacturer

Speak with a burn injury lawyer at Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group to discuss your options.

Outdoor Fires

Outdoor fires cause many burn injuries as well. Campfires and grill fires are frequent sources of burns. Intentional brush fires, fireworks, and lightning strikes can also cause outdoor fires.

Your outdoor burn injury may be due to someone else’s negligent or careless actions. A burn injury lawyer from our team can explain how to hold the negligent party accountable for your losses.

Vehicle Fires

Every year, over 200,000 fires in the United States involve vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, and boats. These fires can occur during vehicle collisions or because of an equipment failure.

Whether your burns are from a vehicle collision or an equipment malfunction, our attorneys can seek compensation for you.

Construction Accidents

Construction sites present many burn hazards, including:

  • Flammable materials
  • Electrical equipment
  • Open flames
  • Compressed gas tanks
  • Explosives
  • Corrosive chemicals

If your burn occurred on a construction site because of someone else’s carelessness, you could file a claim for compensation.

Workplace Injuries

Many jobs entail prolonged exposure to dangerous conditions that can cause burn injuries. Industrial workers, restaurant staff, and other occupations face potential burn injuries daily.

Your employer or the business owner or landlord may be responsible for your workplace burn injuries in Alpharetta. Discuss your case with one of our burn injury attorneys to find out how to proceed with your workplace burn injury claim.

Chemical Burns

Chemical burns can occur anywhere you encounter harsh chemicals. Cleaning solutions, industrial chemicals, batteries, and other products can all cause significant burns. Our team helps people harmed by chemical substances seek compensation for their injuries.

Scald Injuries

Scald injuries occur when someone touches hot food or liquid. According to the Georgia Department of Public Health, children are at the greatest risk of scald injuries and fatalities. Hot tap water frequently causes scald injuries, along with hot liquids like coffee, tea, or soup—especially when they are spilled.

If you or a loved one suffered scald injuries due to someone else’s negligence, you could seek compensation for your pain and suffering.

What to Do After a Burn Injury

Burn treatment varies according to the burn’s extent and severity. The National Institute of Health divides burns into six categories.

If you experience a burn injury to any degree, seek medical attention immediately. Burns can cause severe health issues, including extreme pain, shock, dehydration, and infection.

Seeing a doctor right away ensures that you receive appropriate treatment for your injuries. It also creates documentation that your attorney can use to support your burn injury claim.

Protect Your Legal Rights After a Burn Injury

While you receive medical attention for your burns, your attorney can work to establish your claim for compensation.

You can help our attorneys protect your right to a fair settlement if you:

  • Follow your doctor’s orders
  • Do not discuss your injury on social media
  • Hire our burn injury attorneys as soon as possible
  • Do not agree to a settlement before consulting us

Insurance companies often offer low settlements in hopes that injured people are too overwhelmed to negotiate. However, this can change when they must deal with an experienced attorney. Our lawyers can handle all negotiations and related correspondence with the insurance company while you focus on your health.

Burn Injuries Can Leave You With Both Physical and Psychological Scars

Even mild burns can cause severe pain and suffering. When the dermis or deeper tissues become exposed, the nerve endings are more sensitive. Pain from burns and the treatments that follow may worsen as the body’s inflammatory response progresses. In some cases, treatment does not repair all the damage, and the victim could experience chronic pain.

Burns are painful, disfiguring, and dangerous to your health and well-being. Treatments for severe burns are often invasive and even more painful. Physical pain from burns can cause psychological trauma, including acute stress, depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Even with skin grafts, second-degree burns and higher often leave scars. Disfigurement can affect your physical and mental health and well-being. You may not be able to take part in activities you once enjoyed, and your quality of life could suffer.

If you experienced a severe burn due to someone else’s negligence, the team at Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group is ready to help. Our personal injury lawyers in Alpharetta can defend your right to seek compensation from the responsible party (or parties) for the scars you must endure.

Establishing Liability for Burn Injuries

Liability is rarely easy to establish, especially in complex injury cases. Our skilled lawyers can help you prove who was responsible and represent you against the insurance company.

Because burn injuries can occur in so many situations, the list of potential at-fault parties varies widely.

Some parties that could be responsible for your burns include:

  • Other driver in a car accident
  • Truck, bus, or commercial vehicle driver
  • Company that employs an at-fault driver
  • Company responsible for faulty products or parts
  • Negligent equipment repair or maintenance worker
  • Person who carelessly or negligently caused an outdoor fire
  • Landlord or property owner who did not maintain their property
  • Construction company, supervisor, or site manager who did not adhere to safety protocols
  • Manager or owner of an unsafe establishment

At Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group, our team can investigate your claim to determine who is at fault. We know how important it is to hold the right people accountable, and we will explore every avenue in our search for the responsible party.

Filing a Claim After a Burn Injury

After a burn injury, you may face major financial difficulties due to the physical and psychological damage you endured. Our Alpharetta burn accident attorneys will take the time to hear your story and build a case strategy tailored to your circumstances.

Insurance companies focus on reducing claim value to maximize their own profits. They may take advantage of your mental and emotional state to secure a lower settlement value.

Instead of worrying about legal matters while you are in pain, hire a burn injury attorney in Alpharetta to help you seek the full damages you deserve.

Meeting the Statute of Limitations

Jennifer Gore-Cuthbert, Personal Injury Accident Attorney
Jennifer Gore-Cuthbert, Alpharetta Burn Injury Lawyer

You must file your burn injury claim within two years of the injury date. While you recover from severe burn injuries, time will pass quickly. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to speak with an Alpharetta personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

The burn injury attorneys at Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group know the time limits imposed by Georgia law and how they impact your case. We can ensure that you meet all legal deadline requirements, so you have the best chance for a desirable settlement.

Over time, evidence associated with your claim can also degrade. By calling us as soon as possible, you allow our legal team to obtain the best quality evidence to support your claim.

Reach out to an Alpharetta Burn Injury Lawyer Today

If you or a loved one suffered burns because of someone else’s negligent or wrongful actions, you deserve compensation for your injuries. We want to hear your story—contact our team of compassionate burn injury attorneys today to discuss your case.

During your free consultation, a dedicated lawyer from Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group will review the details of your claim. If we decide to take your case, we can begin working on it right away. Contact us today at (470) 465-7825 to learn more.

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