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Marietta Paralysis Injury Lawyers

There are many types of catastrophic injuries, some of the most devastating of which can cause paralysis. If you recently sustained an injury to your spinal cord because of another person’s negligence, you should not have to be burdened by medical costs and other expenses related to the accident.

Contact a Marietta paralysis injury lawyer as soon as you are able. An experienced attorney could explain every part of the legal process, answers all of your questions, and provides aggressive representation. With the right legal team behind you, you could pursue significant compensation that pays for ongoing medical care, physical therapy, counseling, and anything else you need while adjusting to your injuries.

Types of Paralysis Injuries

Paralysis usually occurs because of injuries to the spinal cord. However, traumatic brain injuries and head trauma can also cause paralysis, as can various types of nerve damage, such as those affecting the neck. The skilled lawyers at our Marietta office provide representation for individuals who sustain the following types of paralysis:

  • Monoplegia: paralysis affects one part of the body only, such as an arm or leg. Affected individuals cannot feel sensations or use the compromised limb but have control over the rest of their bodies. Common causes of monoplegia include stroke, cerebral palsy, tumors, nerve damage, and brain injuries.
  • Hemiplegia: loss of operation of an arm and leg on the same side of the body while the other side functions normally. Hemiplegia is sometimes temporary and treatable with occupational and physical therapy. Hemiplegia is commonly caused by cerebral palsy, as well as brain injuries and spinal cord damage where the spine is not fully severed.
  • Paraplegia: inability to move the body below the waist, often resulting in bowel, bladder, and sexual dysfunctions. Spinal cord infections and lesions can cause paraplegia, as can brain tumors, infections, and nerve damage. Other causes include brain or spinal cord oxygen deprivation from car accidents, surgical mistakes, or choking and other forms of violence.
  • Quadriplegia: paralysis from the neck down. Quadriplegics cannot move their arms or legs, and like paraplegics, they experience bladder, bowel, and sexual function issues. The torso is also affected in quadriplegic cases. Causes include spinal and brain infections or trauma, and catastrophic nerve damage.

Sadly, full recovery from paralysis is rare. Paralyzed individuals frequently go through extensive occupational and physical therapy, and many require medical care for the duration of their lives. Some are able to continue working, while others are on disability because they cannot maintain employment. Because paralysis can result in so many losses, it is important for a victim and their family to work with an experienced attorney on a claim for damages.

Establishing Fault in a Marietta Paralysis Case

For a lawyer to win damages on behalf of their injured client, they must establish several things. The attorney must show that the defendant failed to uphold a duty of care owed to the plaintiff, and that the breach directly resulted in the plaintiff’s injuries.

For example, say a property owner did not break up ice on their stairwell or put up warning signs. If an HVAC professional enters the property for service reasons and falls on the stairs, resulting in a paralyzing injury, the property owner could be held liable because they did nothing to prevent the accident.

Any type of paralysis injury can drastically impact your life. If you or a family member suffered a severe accident caused by someone else, schedule a meeting with a Marietta paralysis injury lawyer to discuss your legal options. A dedicated member of our team could fight for your rights and help you pursue the compensation you deserve. Contact us today to discuss your circumstances.