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Side-Impact Truck Accidents in Marietta

Auto collisions are common occurrences that can range from mild inconveniences to fatal accidents. When a commercial truck or tractor-trailer is involved, the likelihood of severe injury increases, especially for T-bone crashes. Passengers of cars are relatively unprotected on the sides of the vehicle, and the impact of a massive truck can have devastating consequences.

When dealing with serious injuries after a tractor-trailer collision, it is important to seek counsel from a dedicated lawyer. An attorney who has litigated side-impact truck accidents in Marietta could assist with your claim and fight for the compensation you need to recover from your losses.

Dangerous Factors in a T-Bone Truck Collision

While most passenger cars weigh around 3,000 pounds, tractor-trailers can weigh up to 80,000 pounds when fully loaded. The sheer force of an 80,000-pound truck colliding with the side of a car can instantly crumple the smaller vehicle and cause catastrophic or fatal injuries to passengers.

Due to the size and velocity of a semi-truck or commercial vehicle, a side-impact accident (commonly known as a “T-bone” accident) has the potential to be even more destructive than other types of collisions. The sides of most vehicles feature few safety features and offer little protection to passengers.

Common Causes of Side-Impact Truck Collisions in Marietta

T-bone and sideswipe accidents frequently occur when a truck driver is negligent on the road. Negligent behavior could include:

  • Speeding
  • Making an illegal turn
  • Drives while distracted, fatigued, or under the influence
  • Failing to yield or stop

Improper maintenance or vehicle part failure can also contribute to these types of accidents. A commercial truck is also more likely to be involved in a side-impact accident if it is improperly or overly loaded with cargo. Regardless of the specific cause, an injured victim and their local attorney must prove negligence by another party to recover damages for a T-bone trucking crash.

Who is Liable for a Side-Impact Truck Crash?

Truck accident cases typically include a claim of negligence. To prove negligence, an injured party must show that the negligent party owed them a duty, that they breached that duty, that the breach resulted in an accident, and that the accident resulted in damages.

Under O.C.G.A. 51-2-1, it is possible to hold a truck driver, a trucking company, and a truck repair facility accountable for a crash, depending on the circumstances. If the side-impact collision involved a commercial truck driver, their employer may be held vicariously liable for the accident if the trucker was acting within the scope of their employment. Alternatively, if a T-bone results from a vehicle part failure, the repair company or truck manufacturer may be liable for any losses sustained by victims.

Damages in Sideswipe Accident Cases

When a victim is injured due to someone else’s negligence, they deserve compensation to cover their losses stemming from the accident. Victims of sideswipe truck collisions often obtain that compensation through a civil claim against the truck driver and their employer.

Typical compensation for a side-impact accident involving a tractor-trailer can include medical expenses (including future costs), pain and suffering, lost wages, property damage, and reduced earning ability due to long-lasting injuries.

In rare cases, it is also possible to obtain punitive damages for particularly egregious behavior. A lawyer who focuses on truck collision cases in Marietta could advise an injured victim on the damages that may be available for a specific side-impact accident.

Consult a Skilled Lawyer for Side-Impact Truck Accidents in Marietta

Truck accidents are devastating events with potentially long-lasting effects. Severe injuries can result in significant medical expenditures, lost time at work, and decreased ability to enjoy life. Sadly, it can be difficult for victims to recover the compensation they need against trucking companies and insurance adjusters looking to minimize their claims.

Get the legal representation you deserve from an attorney skilled at handling side-impact truck accidents in Marietta. Call our office now for an initial consultation about your case.