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Miriam Marquez
Miriam Marquez - Intake Manager

Intake Manager
Miriam Marquez

Miriam Macareno Marquez is a dedicated professional, serving as the New Client Manager at Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group. With an extensive tenure of over 12 years in the legal field, her focal passion lies in providing invaluable assistance to individuals during their most testing moments.

Miriam’s journey across diverse law domains has not only cultivated her ardor for the nuances of the legal landscape but also led her to discover her niche in Personal Injury Law. This revelation came in November 2020, as she stepped into the dynamic realm of the intake department. This role seamlessly aligned with her innate passion for helping people, allowing her to weave together her love for aiding others with her professional pursuits.

Having always nurtured aspirations of leadership, Miriam’s vision crystallized upon joining Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group, initially as a New Client Coordinator. Through the demonstration of her complete potential, she swiftly ascended to the role of New Client Manager. Her adeptness in customer service, combined with her genuine empathy, has driven her career to unprecedented heights. Miriam deeply treasures the role of guiding clients through their transformative journeys, offering steadfast support every step of the way.

Beyond her accomplished professional persona, Miriam finds delight in the vibrancy of social outings, savoring fine dining experiences, and the occasional embrace of the dance floor. Her passion for exploration also extends to travel, where she embraces new horizons, creating indelible memories along the way.

Miriam’s identity is richly layered, including a profound pride in her role as a mother to four wonderful children, one of whom exhibits the makings of a future soccer sensation. Her life’s narrative is a tapestry woven with diverse threads, each representing a unique facet she wholeheartedly embraces.

For those in search of guidance, counsel, or simply a conversation, Miriam extends an open invitation to connect. She eagerly anticipates the continuation of this journey marked by growth, compassion, and an unwavering commitment to legal excellence.

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  • New Client Manager

  • Extensive tenure of over 12 years in the legal field

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