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Vernon “Bo” Foley

Vernon “Bo” Foley









Associate Attorney
Vernon “Bo” Foley

About Me: Vernon “Bo” Foley III, a resilient advocate with roots in the lively culture of New Orleans, brings a dynamic energy to both his legal career and personal pursuits. From the rich tapestry of his hometown to the legal corridors of Atlanta, Bo’s journey is colored by his love for football, art, music, and video games. Among these passions, sports video games hold a special place, offering a thrilling virtual arena where competition and strategy come to life.

Early Life: Bo’s formative years in New Orleans instilled in him a spirit of resilience and a deep appreciation for life’s diverse experiences. His love for football, art, music, and video games reflects the multifaceted nature of his character, shaped by the vibrant culture of his hometown.

Education and Legal Journey: Bo’s commitment to education led him to Southern University and A&M College and subsequently to Southern University Law Center. His professional journey, evolving through roles as a paralegal, case manager, and legal assistant, has culminated in his current position as an attorney in Atlanta, GA.

Balance in Life: Amidst the demands of his legal career, Bo recognizes the importance of balance. Sports video games serve as a source of entertainment, a way to unwind, and a means to stay connected to his love for sports in a digital realm.

Philosophy and Purpose: Vernon “Bo” Foley III, a resilient advocate driven by purpose, carries a profound belief that his journey on this Earth is guided by a higher calling. His philosophy revolves around the conviction that he has a unique purpose, and throughout his life, he has been both protected and blessed in the pursuit of that purpose.

“I see each challenge as a stepping stone on the path to fulfilling the purpose for which I was created.”

Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group – Gore


  • Paralegal
  • Case manager
  • Legal assistant
  • Attorney in Atlanta, GA

  • Southern University and A&M College
  • Southern University Law Cente

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