Insurance Decisions #9

When it comes to your automobile insurance, you may think that paying your premiums on time is all that it takes to stay in the insurance company’s good graces. But an insurance policy is a contract – and that means you have to abide by that insurance company’s rules. Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group – Gore, LLC’s blog series “10 Horrible Insurance Decisions That Make Auto Accidents Even Worse,” continues with a look at common situations and bad decisions that can ruin your insurance coverage.

#9: You haven’t added your licensed teen driver to your auto policy

When insurers price an automobile policy, they consider all drivers who live within the household. That includes teenagers who have their drivers license. If your insurer finds out that you are withholding information from them and have not added your teenage child to your policy, they can revise your premiums or even cancel your policy. If the insurer does not find out about your teenager driver until after he or she has been in an accident, the insurer could demand back premiums, refuse to cover any injuries or damages, or, they could drop your policy altogether.

It is much better for everyone involved to let your insurer know as soon as your teenager gets their drivers license, rather than face a possible price hike in premiums or a dropped policy.

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