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Achieving Your Goals Scholarship Winners

We at Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group - Gore believe that our unique goals are influenced by specific moments or experiences that we encounter. That’s why we offer our Achieving Your Goals Scholarship to help contribute to the education of a deserving student and to share how different situations shape an individual’s decisions. Below is our past scholarships recipients:

2021 Winner: Gurleen Kaur

Biography: Hello everyone! My name is Gurleen Kaur and I am a second-year student at the University of New Mexico, studying Population Health with a minor in Chemistry. Besides my classes, I am heavily involved in Circle K International, a service organization. I am also working with New Mexico Health Action as a Health Policy Intern along with my job as a medical scribe at a local urgent care clinic. I hope to pursue medical school and serve medically underserved regions through my education!

Gurleen’s Reaction: “I am beyond thankful and honored that I could be awarded the Achieving Your Goals Scholarship! I hope that I can continue to inspire people through my story and utilize my education to create a better world.”

2020 Winner: Conner Callahan

Conner playing dodgeball with Stonewall Sports after recovering from his injury. The scar on Conner’s left knee from his transphobic attack that left him unable to walk is visible.

Biography: Conner Callahan is a physical therapy student in Ohio attending Cuyahoga Community College. In his free time, he coaches Crossfit, writes short stories, and plays with Stonewall Sports, a national LGBT sports league. Five years ago, he was the victim of a transphobic attack that left him unable to walk. Today, he hopes to inspire others through compassion, grit, and passion.

Conner’s Reaction: “I was absolutely thrilled to hear that I won the scholarship. I never would have thought my story could inspire others, and I'm so glad to be a part of a changing, better world.”