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Calculating Alpharetta Car Accident Settlements

If a negligent driver causes an accident, they could be held liable for damages. The type of damages the injured party may recover depends on the types and severity of their injuries. Often, those who have been injured in an accident do not know what their case is worth, so it is hard for them to negotiate. When someone does not know how to negotiate a settlement, they probably will not come to an agreement. They do not have any leverage and are unable to point out all the positive facts in their case to the adjuster. For this reason, it is best to retain the skills of a car accident attorney to help with the settlement process.

A settlement is an agreement decided on by the insurance company, the attorney, and the client. The three parties work together to negotiate a settlement amount that is fair to the injured party and is acceptable to the insurance company. A lawyer could review the facts of the case and calculate your losses to help determine the types of damages you may be eligible to recover. Reach out to a knowledgeable attorney to learn about the nuances of calculating Alpharetta car accident settlements.

How Is the Settlement Calculated?

The car accident settlement is calculated based on the amount of out-of-pocket expenses, medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and different financial burdens put on the injured party. They would not have the financial burden had they not been in the accident. All of the factors are calculated, including the pain and suffering and inconvenience. There might be other factors such as the driver was drunk or there could be punitive damages. A variety of different elements can make the case worth more or less.

Determining Medical Expenses

When calculating a settlement offer, the injured person should determine whether the amount covers all of their medical needs. It might take them six months to obtain all the medical treatment they need, especially when they have a broken bone or a serious herniation in their back. If they settle their case too early, they will not get all of the money that is due to them from the accident because it could take months or years for their injuries to heal.

Length Of Time To Receive a Settlement

The injured claimant should seek help from an attorney, so they receive their settlement in a timely manner. When the lawyer receives the check, they need to have a process for dispersing it. Once an individual decides to settle the case, it should take only two to three weeks to get a check. The settlement process from the beginning of negotiating to reaching an agreement can take several months to years if the case is complicated.

Expediting the process

To expedite the settlement process, it is best to seek help from a seasoned law firm who focuses on efficiency. The attorney could gather the documents and get them to the insurance company to move the process along. They could follow up with the insurance companies to make sure they received all of the documents and confirm that the insurance company puts the check in the mail. The length of time to receive a settlement in the negotiating phase is about the attorney continually creating momentum and moving the negotiation forward to litigation or a settlement.

Let a Car Accident Attorney Help

An experienced law firm has everything systematized and has policies and procedures for making sure the settlements are dispersed properly, and there are no delays.  A skilled attorney who understands the nuances of calculating Alpharetta car accident settlements could help you seek the compensation you need. Call today to discuss your case and legal options to recovering compensation for damages.