An Award
Winning Team!


We are a growing personal injury firm in North Atlanta Metro that fights bully insurance companies who are out to pay accident victims the least possible for what they’ve been through.

The mission of our firm is founded on this tenet: We are all one moment away from having our lives changed by the impact of an accident. We believe insurance companies are untrustworthy and are out to pay accident victims the least possible for their cases. Sounds bleak, but this is rewarding work because people come to us in moments of frustration and crisis and we know how to get them through to get the money they need to recover.

The position entails all aspects of pre-litigation, and litigation when necessary. You have 2-5 years of pre-litigation experience and at least 3 years of litigation experience, a Georgia law license, enthusiasm about our mission, a solid work ethic mind, a “get things done” mentality, a love for attention to details and an organized office. You understand how to manage a case through pre-litigation. You have experience managing paralegals and administrative support team.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Managing caseloads including keeping in contact with clients in conjunction with Case Managers, formulating legal strategies, keeping all case notes and documents up to date within Needles Case Management software, and moving cases to settlement or trial
  • Assisting Case Managers and Settlement Coordinators with strategizing and approving demands, reductions, and subrogation
  • Settling cases to meet the established financial goal each month
  • Negotiating with insurance companies to move cases to resolution and responding to offers in a timely manner
  • Review final settlement documents for errors with Settlement Coordinator
  • Be present for client settlements to answer any final questions
  • Prepare pleadings, discover, and responses
  • Keep up with litigation cases and deadlines
  • Perform applicable case research
  • Handle depositions, mediations, motion work, and trials

You are compassionate to our clients and willing stand up to bully insurance companies. You believe people when they tell you they were hurt in an accident. You believe your health is your greatest wealth.

You are collegial, fun, and strategic. You are motivated to make more money and to help more people. You believe technology is our friend. You are results -oriented and hate people who make excuses. You believe you are always looking to improve and get better. You work independently and don’t need to be micro-managed but know how to be a team player. You thrive in a fast-paced, start-up environment.