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10 Horrible Insurance Decisions That Make Auto Accidents Even Worse: #2 You Bought A New Car But Haven’t Told Your Insurer

poster tittle "10 horrible insurance decisions that make auto accidents even worse"

You may think that paying your insurance premiums on time is all it takes to stay in the insurance company’s good graces. But an insurance policy is a contract, which means you also have to abide by that insurance company’s rules. Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group – Gore’s blog series “10 Horrible Insurance Decisions That Make Auto Accidents Even Worse,” continues with a look at common situations and bad decisions that can potentially ruin your insurance coverage.

#2 You Bought A New Car Weeks Ago, But Haven’t Told Your Insurer

The holiday season and the beginning of the year are popular times to purchase a new vehicle. In Georgia, once you purchase a new car, you typically have a deadline of 14 to 30 days to inform your auto insurer and change your policy. Some drivers believe that their insurance will fully and automatically transfer from their old vehicle to their new one, or that the dealer will take care of the transfer for them – but this is a big mistake!!

If you get into an auto accident outside of the 30-day window, there is a possibility that your insurance company will not help you, and that you will have no coverage on any personal injuries or property damage. You will be paying out of pocket. That is why it is important to be proactive about your insurance. If you have purchased a new vehicle, call your insurance agent yourself, as soon as possible, and make sure that you have the appropriate coverage in place.

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