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10 Horrible Insurance Decisions That Make Accidents Even Worse: #7 You Let Your Friend Borrow Your Car For A Long Time And You Don’t Notify The Insurance Company

poster tittle "10 horrible insurance decisions that make auto accidents even worse"

You may think that paying your insurance premiums on time is all it takes to stay in the insurance company’s good graces. But an insurance policy is a contract, which means you also have to abide by that insurance company’s rules. Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group – Gore’s blog series “10 Horrible Insurance Decisions That Make Auto Accidents Even Worse,” continues with a look at common situations and bad decisions that can potentially ruin your insurance coverage.

#7 You Let Your Friend Borrow Your Vehicle For A Few Months, And You Didn’t Notify The Insurance Company

Your auto insurance policy will usually cover a friend who drives your vehicle every once in a while. But it will not cover a friend who borrows your car for long lengths of time. In the latter situation, the car is considered “housed” somewhere other than the owner’s residence and with someone else acting as the “primary driver” of the vehicle. If your friend borrows your vehicle for a long time and crashes it, the insurance company may deny any claims for personal injury or property damage. Instead, you can ask your insurance company if you can add your friend as a driver to your policy, or, your friend may consider purchasing their own auto insurance for the vehicle.

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