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10 Horrible Insurance Decisions That Make Accidents Even Worse: #8 You Let Your Adult Child Move The Family Vehicle Out Of State

poster tittle "10 horrible insurance decisions that make auto accidents even worse"

To stay in your insurance company’s good graces, you may think that all you need to do is pay your insurance premiums on time. But that is not the case. An insurance policy is a contract, which means that you have to pay your premiums and adhere to the insurance company’s rules. Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group – Gore’s blog series “10 Horrible Insurance Decisions That Make Auto Accidents Even Worse,” continues with a look at common situations and bad decisions that can ruin your insurance coverage.

#8 You let your adult child take your vehicle with her/him when they moved to another state

If your adult child moves away with the family vehicle, the risks you are taking as a car insurance customer have changed. Auto insurance companies expect to be informed about any such changes in risks. If your daughter or son takes the vehicle out of state and gets into an accident, your insurance provider could claim that you concealed vital information about the vehicle’s primary driver and location – and either deny your claim or cancel the policy altogether.

If your child is taking the family vehicle out of state, it is a better idea to instead add your daughter or son’s name to the vehicle’s title. Then, your child can purchase insurance for the vehicle in their own name, using their own new address. This allows you to register the car in the child’s new home state, which is something that most states require by law.

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