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Are You Prepared to Drive a Moving Truck?

Are You Prepared to Drive a Moving Truck?

Whether you are moving from Atlanta to Savannah or from Buckhead to Alpharetta, you might need to rent a moving truck to speed up the relocation process. Hiring professional movers can be costly, but before you go ahead and rent that moving truck, consider what you are getting yourself into.

If you rent a truck, you have every right to assume the truck you have rented is safe to operate. These trucks require proper maintenance and care in order to properly move people and their possessions. Unfortunately, sometimes businesses will skip these necessary requirements either out of incompetency or lack of time between rentals and this can result in a very dangerous situation for those who rent it. The trucks are often driven hundreds or thousands of miles by a single customer and will service thousands of movers before they are retired.  The fact that they are worked so hard leaves them susceptible to a variety of different troubles, especially if they are not well maintained.

Another thing to consider, even the smallest moving truck is typically ten feet long, which means that it can be awkward to drive.They do not maneuver the same way that cars, vans, or small trucks do and they also have very limited visibility, especially when moving in reverse.  The risk of an Atlanta auto accident is real regardless of what type of vehicle you drive, but when you are operating a truck that you are not comfortable controlling, that risk is increased.

Tips if you do decide to rent a moving truck:

  • Be sure to ask about how the vehicles are maintained.  You should ask specific questions such as “when was it last inspected?” and “how long since the last oil change?”
  • Bring a gauge with you and to check the tire pressure yourself.  
  • Before you take to the road for the big move, take the truck for a test drive to be sure that you are comfortable handling the steering and brakes.

In the end you should ask yourself,  "Will it really save you money?"  It might be wise to really consider the math.  Moving trucks have notoriously bad gas mileage and this method may not be as financially sound as you thought.  That is not to mention the risk of accident.  A crash can be costly in a number of different ways and could even land you in court.

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Attorney Jennifer Gore-Cuthbert was seriously injured in a collision and experienced firsthand dealing with uncooperative insurance companies. She knows what it is like to feel overwhelmed and under-educated about your rights after a collision. That is why she has dedicated this firm to fighting for accident victims and their loved ones. The goal of The Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group – Gore LLC is to provide you with excellent legal advice, based on our experience in representing injured automobile drivers and passengers from all across the State of Georgia.

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