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Bad Weather Car Accidents in Alpharetta

Bad Weather Car Accidents in Alpharetta

Driving through pouring rain, high winds, or heavy snowfall requires extra care on the road to avoid traffic accidents. Unfortunately, these adverse conditions cause many collisions on Georgia roadways, often with severe consequences.

Bad weather car accidents in Alpharetta could serve as valid grounds for civil litigation, but legal counsel is often necessary to achieve a successful outcome to a claim. By retaining an experienced car accident lawyer, you may be better positioned to prove the negligence of other drivers and increase your odds of obtaining fair compensation for your losses.

Proving Negligence After a Car Accident in Dangerous Weather

Every driver has a duty to take precautions in poor weather conditions to avoid collisions. If the road is wet, icy, obscured by fog, or otherwise difficult to navigate, a responsible driver should compensate for those conditions by slowing down and paying especially close attention to their surroundings. Failure to do so could constitute legal negligence if they cause a traffic wreck.

In some cases, a driver’s negligent behavior would make them responsible for a traffic crash regardless of the weather. For instance, speeding is a dangerous and reckless action no matter the road conditions. However, liability in some car wrecks is specifically related to the weather. For example, a driver who fails to turn their windshield wipers could be considered negligent if their actions led to a crash during rainy conditions, but not necessarily if the accident occurred in sunny weather. A hardworking attorney could help an injured victim determine what behaviors may have counted as negligent based on the Alpharetta weather conditions at the time of the auto collision.

Comparative Fault for Bad Weather Auto Wrecks in Alpharetta

Importantly, there are multiple parties who could potentially bear liability for a bad weather car accident in Alpharetta. If a person filing suit also acted irresponsibly by failing to account for inclement weather, they could have their recoverable damages significantly reduced, or even be barred from recovery altogether.

Under Official Code of Georgia §51-12-33, civil courts can assign a plaintiff a percentage of fault for a bad weather accident and reduce their final damage award by that same percentage. Furthermore, under Official Code of Georgia §51-11-7, any plaintiff found 50 percent or more at fault is ineligible to seek civil compensation for their injuries. Representation from a skilled local attorney is often necessary to fight allegations of comparative fault and ensure a plaintiff’s recovery is not unfairly diminished.

Consult an Attorney after Bad Weather Car Accidents in Alpharetta

Unfortunately, if you encounter a negligent driver during inclement weather, you may be left with serious injuries. Car wrecks are common in rain, fog, snow, and other types of bad weather, but you could still seek accountability and compensation for your losses by taking prompt legal action.

After a bad weather car accident in Alpharetta, consulting a seasoned attorney should be your top priority. Call today to schedule a consultation to discuss your options for recovery. Taking the time to get legal advice could be key in pursuing the financial resources you need for your injuries.

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