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Car Accident Settlements in Marietta

Car Accident Settlements in Marietta

Unexpected auto accidents that involve negligent drivers usually cause severe injuries and extensive property damage. When a reckless driver speeds or operates their vehicle while distracted, for instance, the consequences could be devastating. Thankfully, anyone injured in a sudden vehicle wreck can usually pursue financial compensation through a settlement, with the assistance of a skilled vehicle collision attorney.

Settlements refer to when an accident claim gets resolved before it becomes a lawsuit. When handled correctly, they can usually result in substantial monetary damages. However, they can also be challenging to pursue. A knowledgeable lawyer specializing in Marietta car accident settlements could help you collect the evidence needed to identify the liable parties, negotiate with insurance companies, and protect your rights as a careful driver.

Settling a Vehicle Accident Claim Outside of Court

Recovering from a car crash can be incredibly challenging. Many plaintiffs will lack the funds, experience, or physical energy to navigate this entire process on their own. This makes settling before a trial a powerful option. A pre-trial settlement occurs when both parties mutually agree upon a claim resolution before the case goes to civil court. However, it is important to remember that both parties can also agree to settle the case at any point during negotiation or litigation.

Starting with a Demand Letter

To begin the process of settling a car accident case, a plaintiff’s legal representation will file something known as a demand letter. This document will include the amount of financial compensation that the wounded plaintiff hopes to acquire and supporting evidence to back these requests. The letter will also include any documents relevant to the case, like medical invoices or police reports.

Once the plaintiff’s legal advocate submits this demand letter, the defendant will usually respond with a counteroffer. After this response, there may be a negotiation process, and if both parties agree to the compensation in question, there will be no need to move forward with a trial.

However, sometimes negotiations might get contentious, preventing a car accident claimant from reaching an adequate settlement. If all attempts to settle before trial are unsuccessful, the plaintiff's lawyer might suggest taking the vehicle crash case to court. This might be a frustrating option for an innocent driver, but a seasoned Marietta attorney could exhaust all the pre-trial settlement options before deciding to take a car accident case further in court.

What Happens if Settling Outside of Court is Not an Option?

If a car wreck case does need to proceed to court, it is important for people to understand how this process works. There are three stages the plaintiff, defendant, and their attorneys will navigate when further negotiating damages and a settlement in court, including:

  • Discovery - both parties will gather evidence and call witnesses to testify
  • Mediation - a mediator will oversee an informal meeting to try again to settle before going to trial
  • Trial - if the parties cannot settle, they will go to trial, where a court will review all the evidence and decide liability, then award damages

A skilled lawyer in Marietta could provide dedicated assistance and guidance during the discovery and mediation process, to boost the chances of negotiating an adequate car accident settlement before a lengthy trial. If a trial does become necessary, a legal representative could offer crucial advice during every stage of this process.

Call an Attorney about Marietta Car Accident Settlements

If you were hit by a negligent driver and want to learn more about how you can hold them legally responsible, pursuing a settlement might be the right option for your situation. These agreements allow you to collect financial compensation before your case goes to court, making them a powerful alternative for someone who needs to focus on their recovery. Actually arriving at a settlement could be difficult since a defendant’s insurance company or attorney might fight to limit the monetary damages you collect. Thankfully, one of our legal team members is here to help.

A lawyer experienced in Marietta car accident settlements could handle the legal work and insurance company communications while you focus on getting back on your feet. You deserve a settlement that repays you for medical expenses or vehicle repair fees, and our firm is here to help. Contact our office today to get started on your case.

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