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Car Accident Trials in Alpharetta

Car Accident Trials in Alpharetta

After a car wreck, it might be difficult for the injured drivers and passengers to anticipate what will happen in the resulting legal processes. In most situations, the insurance companies for the involved motorists usually have the most influence on how a case will proceed. The at-fault driver’s insurer usually needs to pay for any losses that others suffered in a crash, but if more than one party bears responsibility, the insurers work out how to divide the costs between all the relevant individuals.

However, there are many things that could complicate the process of resolving a car accident. For instance, disputes about allocating responsibility might arise or the insurance coverage available might not be enough to pay an individual’s losses. If this happens, an injured plaintiff might need to file a lawsuit against the parties responsible for the vehicle crash.

Car accident trials in Alpharetta could result in a verdict that provides an injured driver with enough money to recover from all their losses, not just their out-of-pocket expenses. The various stages of a trial might be lengthy and grueling, so it is best to work with the assistance of a hardworking vehicle collision attorney.

Beginning a Car Accident Trial

Generally speaking, a vehicle collision lawsuit begins when an injured plaintiff files documents called the summons and the complaint at a courthouse. The complaint sets forth the plaintiff’s allegation that the defendant needs to pay monetary damages. After the plaintiff submits this paperwork and serves the documents on the defendant, the defense has time decide whether they will admit or deny the plaintiff’s allegations.

If the defendant denies the allegations in the complaint, both parties spend the next few months engaging in a process known as discovery. These stages involve seeking, reviewing, and sharing evidence, recording witness testimony, and engaging in other activities to uncover facts about the car accident in question. When the discovery process nears its end, the parties usually have a conference before a judge to set a date for an official trial.

It is important to remember that, in most cases, Official Code of Georgia §9-3-33 allows an injured person two years from the date of an accident to file a lawsuit seeking compensation for a vehicle crash. Certain exceptions and events might extend this time limit, but these are rare. A proactive attorney in Alpharetta could help a plaintiff respect this statute of limitations and begin the process of opening a car accident case for trial.

Proving Negligence in Car Collision Trials

When an automobile wreck case goes to trial, one key step involves proving a defendant’s negligence and connecting this recklessness to documentable injuries. Afterwards, legal representation also needs to transparently demonstrate the effect that these injuries have had on a plaintiff’s life.

Proving negligence during a trial can become complicated, but in most cases, it is attainable with the assistance of a legal advocate. In many circumstances, negligence can be demonstrated by revealing that the defendant did not uphold their duty of reasonable care. If the defendant is another driver, a plaintiff could prove that this person violated a traffic law, drove a poorly maintained vehicle, or engaged in grossly reckless behavior like operating their car under the influence of alcohol.

There are other types of defendants that could complicate a car accident trial, like a corporate manufacturer or a government agency. Regardless, a tenacious lawyer in Alpharetta has experience with many different car accident trials and could pinpoint the best strategy for an injured plaintiff.

Verdicts in Car Crash Cases

After the plaintiff presents their case, the defendant sets forth their evidence and explains the car accident from their point of view. Afterward, the relevant jury decides whether the plaintiff proved the defendant was negligent, and if so, how much the plaintiff should receive in financial compensation. This decision represents a final verdict.

The amount of monetary damages that a jury awards greatly depends on the circumstances of a case. Some loses associated with vehicle crashes are easy to categorize and value, like the cost of a plaintiff’s medical treatment or the wages they lost from work while resting. Settling on a compensation value for something more subjective, like a claimant’s physical pain or emotional anguish, might take a jury more time.

If the plaintiff’s lifestyle changed dramatically because of their injuries, the damages in a verdict might be even more substantial. A hardworking trial attorney in Alpharetta could coach the client to make a favorable impression on a jury and explain the impact of the accident in a way that elicits sympathy from a judge.

Contact an Attorney about Car Accident Trials in Alpharetta

Bringing a car accident case to trial could result in significant financial compensation, especially when handled with the guidance of a dedicated lawyer. A hardworking legal representative could investigate the vehicle crash, gather evidence of a defendant’s negligence, and prepare for the protecting their client’s rights in front of a jury.

If you were involved in a wreck and believe you might not get the compensation you deserve through settling the case, consider speaking with an attorney about car accident trials in Alpharetta. Call the office today to begin working on your claim.

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