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The Most Dangerous Ways to Ride in a Vehicle

The Most Dangerous Ways to Ride in a Vehicle

Drivers may hear a lot about car seats and child passenger safety, but what about when an adult is riding in the vehicle? In our latest blog, we take a look at some of the more dangerous ways for adults to sit or sleep in a car. If you've been injured in a car accident, contact an experienced car accident attorney as soon as possible.

Front Passenger Seat with Back Reclined: When an adult sits in the front passenger seat and reclines the back of the seat, the belt no longer fits the way it is designed to (snug over the chest and lap). Instead, the belt tends to move to the passenger’s neck and their abdomen. This is potentially dangerous, because in a vehicle collision, the seat belt may cause significant damage to the passenger’s neck and internal organs.

Front Passenger Seat with Feet on Dashboard: When a person puts their feet onto the dashboard of the vehicle, it alters the way they are positioned in the seat, and how the seat belt rests on their body. If an accident were to occur, a passenger seated in this position could suffer not only damage to their feet and legs, but also, the person’s torso could flip over the belt, injuring their abdomen and back.

Passenger Sitting or Lying Down on Third Row Seats: The design of third-row seating is not necessarily as stable as with the front or middle seats. Often, the seats are installed so that there are only a few inches between the back of the seat and the rear of the vehicle. This means that passengers who are sitting or sleeping on the third row are more susceptible to injuries in a rear-end collision.

Safest Spot = Middle of Back Seat: It may not be the most popular spot in a vehicle, but the back middle seat is probably the safest. During a collision, an adult who is sitting in the middle back seat is typically the furthest from the point of impact or the crumple zone. In other words, they would be more insulated than the other passengers. This seat, however, can still be dangerous, especially if the passenger is not wearing their seat belt, or the seat itself does not have a headrest.

When it comes to riding in a vehicle, a passenger should be more concerned about safety than making the seat as comfortable as possible. Also, it does not matter where a person is sitting if they are not wearing their seat belt. These devices save lives and should be worn at all times. If you, or someone you know, has been injured in a vehicle collision and needs help with their personal injury case, contact The Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group.

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