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Filing a Car Accident Claim in Alpharetta

Filing a Car Accident Claim in Alpharetta

If you were hurt in an unanticipated vehicle accident, the process of filing a claim can be lengthy and confusing. Multiple variables might influence which insurer is responsible for paying your monetary damages and figuring out the best way to preserve your rights or collect an adequate settlement might be more than you can effectively handle on your own.

If you need help filing a car accident claim in Alpharetta, do not hesitate to turn to an experienced lawyer. A dedicated vehicle collision attorney could simplify the process and help make sure you get the justice you deserve.

Considerations for After a Crash

After a wreck, staying calm and behaving responsibly could help protect the future impact of a civil claim. For instance, a plaintiff making the wrong decisions or giving other drivers reason to question their integrity could lessen the chances of collecting financial compensation. Therefore, after an unexpected vehicle accident, it is important to remain at the scene, check on others to ensure they are not injured, and keep conversation with the defendant to a minimum.

It goes without saying, but obtaining medical attention right away is also critical. An insurance company might interpret a delayed trip to the doctor as an indication that any injuries are not as serious as claimed. Meanwhile, it is absolutely essential for a plaintiff to make sure that law enforcement arrives at the scene and creates an accident report.

Additionally, an injured driver should be sure to photograph the vehicles, document the crash scene, and obtain the contact information of any witnesses. Finally, a plaintiff should report the accident to the insurance company without allowing them to record a statement before an attorney has been retained. This detail is important because insurers could use anything that an accident victim says against them later. It is best to allow a resourceful attorney in Alpharetta to handle all communications with insurance companies, to lessen the difficulty of filing a car accident claim.

How Does Establishing Liability Relate to Filing a Claim?

Generally speaking, the goal of a car wreck claim is to pursue and collect compensation for any losses and injuries. A plaintiff usually accomplishes this by targeting the guilty party with their lawsuit. The biggest problem with this stage of filing a claim is that determining who needs to assume responsibility for a collision can be difficult.  Unless a crash is clearly the result of one driver’s negligent actions, an injured plaintiff should assume that the other driver’s insurer might try to place some of the blame on them.

The Official Statute of Georgia Annotated §51-11-7, otherwise known as the state’s comparative negligence framework, outlines how these allegations work. The statue explains that when more than one person is directly responsible for an accident, all the relevant guilty parties need to pay monetary damages according to their percentage of fault. For example, if an injured driver caused 25 percent of an accident, they could collect 75 percent of the case’s remaining damages. If a jury finds that any party is more than 50 percent to blame for a vehicle crash, regardless of whether they are the plaintiff or defendant, this individual cannot be awarded any financial compensation.

A negligent defendant arguing that an innocent plaintiff partially caused a car accident can be frustrating and slow the process of filing a claim. Thankfully, a skilled lawyer in Alpharetta understands how to fight against these allegations of shared blame.

The Final Stages of Submitting and Settling a Car Wreck Claim

A person who suffers injuries in a car accident might be contacted by the defendant’s insurance provider soon after the crash with a settlement offer. Unfortunately, these corporations often take advantage of an injured person’s vulnerable state and offer far less compensation than the case warrants. For this reason, it might be best for a plaintiff to resist accepting an initial settlement offer.

Instead, an injured driver should always seek legal representation before negotiating with an insurance provider. An adept attorney in Alpharetta could maximize the impact of a car accident claim and demand a reasonable settlement based on the full extent of the plaintiff’s injuries.

Trust an Attorney with Filing a Car Accident Claim in Alpharetta

If you were involved in a car wreck that was not your fault, it could be tempting to try and resolve the case on your own. However, this is usually a poor idea. Unless the reason for the crash is undisputed and the other driver’s insurer acknowledges you had no responsibility, it is usually best to let an experienced attorney take the lead.

If you are filing a car accident claim in Alpharetta, a hardworking lawyer could assess your situation, gather evidence about the crash, and fight back against manipulative settlement tactics. Call the office today to learn more.

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