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Highway Car Accidents in Alpharetta

Highway Car Accidents in Alpharetta

Fender-benders and traffic collisions can occur just about anywhere, whether it is a busy intersection, crowded parking lot, or quiet residential street. However, the most dangerous types of car wrecks often take place on multi-lane highways, especially if they involve cars traveling at high speeds in opposite directions.

Pursuing civil compensation after highway car accidents in Alpharetta can be a complex ordeal. Victims may need to consider not only losses they have already experienced, but also those they may face going forward due to the severity of their injuries. If you were recently hurt in a traffic crash on a major roadway, working with a seasoned car accident lawyer could help strengthen your case for compensation and improve your odds of a favorable resolution.

Who Could Be Liable for a Highway Wreck?

When a car accident occurs at highway speeds, the liable party is often hard to determine right away, especially in the chaotic aftermath of a rollover accident or multi-vehicle pileup. In order to identify a potentially responsible driver, a persistent attorney may need to review the report filed by the responding police officer, gather testimony from witnesses, and possibly even work with accident reconstruction experts.

Freeway Accidents Involving Commercial Vehicles

Although it may initially seem like an individual driver caused the accident, filing suit against a single person may not produce the best results after a freeway accident. For example, if a highway traffic wreck involves a tractor-trailer or other commercial semi-truck, it may be possible to hold the trucker’s employer vicariously liable for their employee’s negligence. A skilled lawyer could advise on holding a company accountable for an Alpharetta highway accident that involved commercial vehicles.

Highway Collisions Caused by Poor Road Conditions

Alternatively, if a crash stems from poor road conditions like lack of signage, potholes, or lack of rumble strips on roadway shoulders, liability might lie with a local or state government entity. A knowledgeable attorney could provide insight on who could be responsible for an Alpharetta highway wreck caused by poor road conditions.

Damages in Alpharetta Highway Car Accidents

Because Georgia is a “fault” car insurance state, injured victims in any kind of traffic collision can immediately file suit against a negligent third party rather than having to exhaust their own auto insurance coverage first. This can be significant in highway traffic accident cases, as these incidents often result in extensive financial and personal losses.

Depending on the circumstances, a persistent lawyer may be able to help a highway car accident victim pursue restitution for both past and future losses. For example, a comprehensive settlement demand or civil lawsuit might seek compensation for emergency medical treatment bills as well as the cost of rehabilitative care needed in the following weeks and months. Certain situations may also justify recovery for non-economic future damages, such as loss of enjoyment of life or loss of consortium due to a newfound disability or disfigurement.

Reach Out to an Alpharetta Attorney after Highway Car Accidents

Civil litigation can be difficult to pursue under any circumstances. If you suffered severe harm in a car collision at highway speeds, you may be burdened with expensive medical bills, missed work income, and the cost of replacing your car on top of your physical and mental distress.

In these situations, retaining experienced legal counsel could be key in starting the road to recovery. An experienced lawyer could explain all your legal options and help pursue the right one for your unique needs. If you were involved in a highway car accident in Alpharetta, call today to speak to an attorney who understands your situation.

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