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Highway Car Accidents in Marietta

Highway Car Accidents in Marietta

Any car accident could result in injuries, but the severity of a crash usually becomes amplified when vehicles collide on a highway. For instance, high speeds and dense traffic mean that one simple mistake could cause a multiple-car pileup. If the reckless driving of another person caused a freeway collision, you might be entitled to financial compensation. Monetary damages could pay for unexpected expenses and help you recover from your suffering.

If you need help resolving a highway car accident in Marietta, a seasoned vehicle collision attorney could be the ideal ally. A dedicated lawyer could investigate the crash, conclude whether the defendant acted carelessly, and protect your integrity.

Causes of Collisions on a Highway

Since there are so many people navigating at high speeds on state highways, any number of factors could result in a severe wreck. Common causes of highway accidents include but are not limited to:

An inquisitive attorney in Marietta could investigate the cause of a plaintiff’s highway accident to determine the best next steps.

Injuries and Compensation Associated with Highway Accidents

Regardless of the cause of a freeway collision, the incident could leave anyone involved with serious injuries that require extended medical treatment. Therefore, these crashes should not be taken lightly. Common examples of injuries that people suffer in highway accidents include:

At the very least, any of these injuries could entitle a wounded plaintiff to financial compensation. Damages in freeway crash cases aim to repay an injured driver for expenses like lost wages, hospital bills, emotional trauma, or physical therapy sessions. A tenacious lawyer in Marietta could factor the full extent of their clients’ injuries into a highway accident claim to help boost their compensation.

Does a Statute of Limitations Influence Highway Crash Claims?

Georgia Code § 9-3-33 governs any personal injury claim related to a highway accident, which means that a plaintiff needs to file their suit within two years of the accident in question. Therefore, beginning a case as early as possible usually helps bolster the impact of a claim.

There are exceptions to this statute of limitations, but they only apply in rare circumstances. For instance, injured minors and disabled individuals might have more time to file a claim, depending on the circumstances of the crash. An intelligent attorney in Marietta could help someone wounded in a highway accident file their claim on time or determine whether they qualify for a statute of limitations extension.

Retain an Attorney for Help with Highway Car Accidents in Marietta

If someone crashed into you on a freeway and left you with severe injuries, you may be entitled to extensive monetary damages. Pursuing a claim without the assistance of a legal team member can become difficult, but a champion lawyer could provide valuable assistance with handling a highway car accident in Marietta. Call the office today to learn more about your options.

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