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Hit and Run Accident in Alpharetta

Hit and Run Accident in Alpharetta

A hit and run accident occurs when someone causes a collision, and then they leave the scene prior to the police department coming. If a person caused an accident and unless the person who they hit tells them to give them their insurance information and they are fine to go, that person has the duty to pull over and wait for the police to come.

Some people will cause an accident and then just keep going. However, they have a duty to pull over and exchange driver information. If a person is aware that the person has called the police and they leave, that person can be charged with leaving the scene, which is called a hit and run collision.

An Alpharetta hit and run accident attorney could help those involved in a car crash seek compensation for their damages. Reach out to a knowledgeable car accident attorney to discuss your legal options.

Steps to Take Following a Collision

The important steps a person should take after being injured in a hit and run accident is to seek medical attention. As soon as a person is able, they should call an attorney. Those who have been involved in a car crash should also immediately follow any doctor’s orders that have been given. The worst thing that people can do is not go to the hospital after they have been in a severe accident or not follow up on doctor’s orders that have been given to them.

Why Do People Flee the Scene?

Many hit and run accidents involve the at-fault motorist’s use of drugs and alcohol. If a motorist causes a serious accident and then keeps going, it is typically because they have been driving under the influence. Often, they do not wait for the police because they know they could be arrested.

Additionally, motorists often flee the scene because they do not have any insurance. They may worry that if the police come, they going to get in trouble for not having insurance.

The third reason why a motorist may leave is because they may be undocumented. If a person is here undocumented, they may be picked up by the police or immigration at the scene of an accident.

How Do Hit and Run Crashes Differ from Other Types of Car Accident Cases?

The aspects of a hit and run case that differ from other types of car accident cases include enhanced penalties. The reason why there are extra penalties for people that cause hit and run accidents is because they need to take responsibility for what they caused.

Fleeing motorists are often caught because somebody will get a picture of their tag. There could be cameras or different ways to find these people. There might be something that goes out over the police radar that describes the vehicle. On the civil side, lawyers are able to get even more money for people that have been injured by a hit and run driver.

Types of Recoverable Damages

Recoverable damages in a hit and run case include bills and all of their general compensatory damages, such as a person’s medical bills, their lost wages, out-of-pocket expenses, as well as pain and suffering.

In hit and run cases, punitive damages could also be recovered. Punitive damages are special, extra money allocated for what they call egregious or extremely malicious behavior.

In the hit and run cases, many insurance companies are now creating policy exclusions that limit punitive damages, their insurance policy is not going to cover those portion of damages. It is best to seek help from an Alpharetta hit and run accident attorney who can analyze the automobile policies involved.

Seek Help from an Alpharetta Hit and Run Accident Attorney

There are many ways an attorney can help with hit and run accident claims in Alpharetta. It is important to get a lawyer involved early so they could help to find the hit and run driver. The attorney could use evidence such as witness testimonies and video footage to help prove what happened. Once an attorney finds out who the fleeing motorist is, a background search can be performed.

Call today to learn more about how an Alpharetta hit and run accident attorney could help your case.

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