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Hit and Run Car Accidents in Marietta

Hit and Run Car Accidents in Marietta

Dealing with the shock of a car collision is already difficult, but additional traumas can compound when a defendant flees the scene of a crash. Leaving the scene of an accident is a crime, and a civil suit for monetary compensation could help hold a defendant accountable for their reckless and inconsiderate actions.

When it comes to legal assistance with a hit and run car accidents in Marietta, a seasoned car collision attorney could be a powerful ally. Legal representation could provide personalized support and help you get back on your feet.

Why Would a Driver Flee the Scene After Hitting Someone?

Negligent drivers may choose to leave the scene of a hit and run crash for many different reasons, but there is never a good excuse. Reasons that a motorist might decide to leave a collision site without stopping to provide assistance include but are not limited to:

  • Driving without valid insurance
  • Using a suspended license or navigating with no license
  • Driving a stolen vehicle
  • Operating their car under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Fearing criminal charges or knowing that they have an outstanding arrest warrant.

Many other unpredictable factors could inspire driver to leave the scene of a collision, but this conduct is always irresponsible and illegal. Furthermore, the damage done by the accident can compound when the defendant leaves since they might have been the only one capable of seeking medical help if the plaintiff was grievously injured. Regardless of the reason that a motorist fled the location, a tenacious attorney in Marietta could help the victim of a hit and run accident act against the driver.

Are Drivers Required to Stop After Being Involved in a Collision?

When a car accident occurs, Georgia Code § 40-6-270 requires drivers to stop and assist anyone harmed by the collision, if they can do so. Common beneficial actions include calling for medical help or transporting a person to the hospital. Legal regulations also require a motorist who causes a crash to exchange their driver’s license, registration, and insurance information with other parties.

Fleeing the crash scene and failing to perform these duties is illegal. Proof that this crime occurred could bolster the impact of a plaintiff’s vehicle crash claim. A persistent lawyer in Marietta could help a claimant prove that the other driver breached this duty of care, turning the case into a hit and run.

How to Seek Compensation After a Hit and Run Crash

The ability to pursue compensation after a hit and run collision depends on whether the other vehicle can be discovered or pinpointed. In cases where legal representation can locate the defendant, a plaintiff could file a personal injury claim against the driver and their insurance company.

In cases where a claimant cannot locate the defendant, the injured person might instead need to seek compensation from their own insurance company. Claims involving uninsured/underinsured motorists require compliance with unique rules and statutes. A well-practiced attorney in Marietta could determine which strategy is best for a plaintiff’s unique hit and run case and help negotiate with insurance providers.

Consult an Attorney about Hit and Run Car Accidents in Marietta

Determining the best path forward after a car collision where the defendant took off can become problematic without legal representation. You may be left without knowing who struck you or understanding what proof could help protect your integrity. Fortunately, a compassionate lawyer could explain how to handle hit and run car accidents in Marietta. Contact the office today to schedule an initial appointment and learn more about your options.

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