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Motor Vehicle Accidents and Substance Abuse

Motor Vehicle Accidents and Substance Abuse

The correlation between motor vehicle accidents and substance abuse can easily be recognized. It is common knowledge that drivers are expected to be always alert and aware of their surroundings while on the road. Operating any vehicle requires concentration and the cognitive ability to make safe decisions.

Driving while under the influence of certain substances increases the risk of accidents dramatically, as they can affect the driver’s mind and body. Identifying different types of drugs and the effects they can produce on individuals while driving reveals why the two are such a dangerous combination.

Drug Use and the Impairment of Drivers

There are all kinds of drugs that have strong influences on people while driving motor vehicles. The drugs in question are not required to be illegal to count as substance abuse. The main factors are how the substance affects the person, how they use the drug, and if they are allowed to drive while taking it. Some of the most common drugs that are involved in motor vehicle accidents include alcohol, marijuana, and opioids.

Alcohol has been proven to impair drivers in serious ways such as slowing reaction times and disrupting coordination. Reckless behavior is more likely when an individual drinks and drives, which often leads to accidents, injuries, and even death. Marijuana produces similar effects as alcohol but also directly impacts a driver's depth perception and timing. This is extremely dangerous as they become unable to keep a safe distance between other cars and do not know when to apply their brakes. Finally, even prescribed medicines, like opioids, can debilitate drivers with side effects like aggression, drowsiness, or dizziness.

Considerations and Next Steps

When it comes to substance abuse and operating motor vehicles, it is important to note that mixing multiple drugs at once will make the situation even worse. It can elevate the danger as the side effects become more pronounced and unpredictable. If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident where substance abuse was present, you should immediately contact an experienced personal injury attorney for guidance.

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