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Motorcycle Traffic Laws in Marietta

Motorcycle Traffic Laws in Marietta

Along with following universal traffic guidelines, motorcyclists must obey motorcycle-specific regulations. Failure to heed local motorcycle laws could lead to fines or points on your license. Additionally, if you are ever involved in a motorcycle accident, breaking these traffic laws could reduce the damages you collect. An experienced motorbike collision attorney could outline Marietta motorcycle traffic laws or help you file an incident claim if someone struck you.

What are the Licensing Regulations for Motorcycles in Marietta?

Georgia requires everyone driving a motorcycle to obtain a Class M license. Any vehicle with a saddle, an engine greater than 50cc, and handlebars will classify as a motorcycle.

There are two ways for a rider to earn their Class M license. First, they could pass a written knowledge test, an on-road skills test, and a vision test, all administered by the Department of Driver Services (DDS). Second, they could complete a Motorcycle Safety Program Course. If a graduate of this class applies for their Class M license within 90 days of completing the course, DDS waives the written knowledge test and the on-road skills test. However, state laws still require the vision assessment.

After July 1, 2021, there will be additional prerequisites for young motorists. All teenage applicants must hold a learner’s permit for one year and one day before they can apply for a motorcycle license. Applicants under age 18 must also complete an approved driver training course before they can acquire their M class license. If a Marietta resident has further questions about how licensing requirements relate to local motorcycle traffic laws, a knowledgeable attorney could provide answers.

What Traffic Laws are Specific to Motorcycles?

Motorcycles must observe all the general traffic laws that apply to cars and trucks. Marietta’s riders must obey posted speed limits, signal before changing lanes, keep their attention on the road, and avoid riding while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Georgia law also creates traffic laws aimed specifically at motorcyclists. For example, the Official Code of Georgia Annotated §40-6-312:

  • Bars more than two motorcyclists from sharing a single lane of traffic
  • Prohibits a motorcycle from passing another vehicle in the same lane
  • Forbids lane splitting, which refers to using the centerline to pass between two cars moving in the same direction in adjacent lanes
  • Restricts lane filtering, which is the practice of moving between stopped cars.

If a motorcycle rider in Marietta has additional concerns about how unique traffic laws affect their responsibilities, a seasoned legal representative could be a valuable resource.

The Consequences of Violating Motorcycle Traffic Regulations

A motorcyclist could collect financial compensation if they followed traffic laws and suffered in a collision. Georgia is an at-fault state, meaning that the insurer of the party who caused the accident is responsible for paying damages.

However, Georgia law also states that if a plaintiff suing for damages is partially responsible for a crash, a judge might limit the compensation the rider collects. If an injured biker rode their motorcycle carelessly, for instance, the other party’s insurer might try and hold the reckless motorcyclist partially accountable for the crash. Therefore, riders in Marietta should always follow the established motorcycle traffic laws to reduce their liability.

Consult an Attorney in Marietta Who Understands Motorcycle Traffic Laws

Motorcycle laws can be complicated since they introduce additional restrictions to standard traffic regulations. If you were involved in an accident and received a citation for violating Marietta motorcycle traffic laws, you should seek the assistance of a tenacious lawyer.

A skilled member of our team could help demonstrate that you followed local motorcycle traffic guidelines while riding. Call today to get started on your case.

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