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Why Are Auto Manufacturers Skipping The Spare Tire?

Why Are Auto Manufacturers Skipping The Spare Tire?

If you have been shopping for or have purchased a new vehicle, you may have noticed that the newer models are missing something significant. According to AAA, about 1/3 of new vehicles (model year 2017 and newer) do not come equipped with a spare tire. Drivers may not realize that this is a problem until something happens to one of the vehicle’s regular tires.

So why aren’t auto manufacturers including spare tires in the newer vehicles? One of the reasons is that they are installing run-flat tires instead of traditional spare tires. Run-flat tires are reinforced tires designed to drive as far as 50 miles after being punctured (ideally, enough of a distance for the driver to find a safe location). But not all vehicles are equipped with run-flat tires; you can typically find them on higher-end models. A second reason is that auto manufacturers claim that removing a 25-pound spare tire improves the vehicle’s overall weight and efficiency, which helps vehicles consume less fuel and achieve better fuel economy. Some manufacturers, for example, are installing tire mobility kits instead of spare tires, because the repairs kits weigh less than a tire. A third reason is space consideration; the spare tire can take up valuable cargo room. This is especially true in alternative fuel vehicles, where the battery packs are often stored in the trunk. A fourth and final reason is that auto manufacturers save money by not installing a spare tire; it is one less piece of equipment they have to purchase and provide.

No matter what the reason is for skipping the spare tire, you do not want to be the driver who is caught off guard and stranded when one of the regular tires go flat. So, if you are driving a 2017 model or newer, it is a good idea to check the vehicle for a spare tire. Drivers of older model vehicles should also check to make sure the spare tire is still in good shape.

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