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Parking Lot Accident in Alpharetta

Parking Lot Accident in Alpharetta

Parking lot accidents in Alpharetta are different from car accidents that take place on the street. Typically, parking lot accidents are more minimal because drivers may only be going 10 miles an hour or 5 miles an hour, backing out of a parking space or pulling into a parking space. This is kind of the opposite of the highway accidents. They are more low speed accidents. Regardless of the speed, individuals could sustain severe injuries and damages in a motor vehicle collision.

If you or a loved one were injured in a car crash due to a negligent driver, an Alpharetta parking lot accident lawyer could help you seek compensation for damages. Let a knowledgeable car accident attorney help you hold a reckless and careless driver accountable for their actions.

Role of Speed Limits in Parking Lots Accident Cases

Slower speed limits and more pedestrians play a role in terms of changing the rules of safe driving in parking lots. Drivers need to pay attention when they are backing out of the space. They should not just rely on their backup camera. They need to turn and look because they are not going to be able to see somebody that is coming just on their backup camera. During the holidays, as these parking lots get busier and busier, this does become more of an issue.

Parking Lot Crashes on Private Property

A parking lot is considered private property. Typically, a police officer is not going to write a ticket for a parking lot accident, because they are on private property. They are not actually on the roadway, where there are enforceable laws, and a lot of people do not realize this. It is challenging in a parking lot, as there are lanes where people are going one direction and some are going another direction, down the middle of a parking lot.

They are no defining lines on the road, so it is harder to say that they violated a law in the parking lot when they are driving just down the center of the lane. There is no real posted speed limit in parking lots, so they cannot give them a speed violation. It makes it more challenging because if the police officer will not write a ticket, they are not effectively saying that the person violated any law. However, they usually will write an incident report.

A knowledgeable parking lot lawyer in Alpharetta could review the facts of the case and determine which party is at fault.

Let an Alpharetta Parking Lot Accident Attorney Help

Parking lot accidents occur often in Alpharetta. When a person is injured in a parking lot accident, they should seek help from an experienced attorney.

When hiring an attorney to represent them in a parking lot accident injury case, you should hire somebody who is familiar with the laws regarding motor vehicles. They are just not as common as roadway accidents. A seasoned lawyer could conduct an investigation and help prove negligence in court to help the injured claimant recover compensation for damages. You may be eligible to recover compensation for damages such as medical expenses, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life. Schedule a consultation with an Alpharetta parking lot accident lawyer for help with your case. Call today.

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