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poster that reads "Bill of rights"
  1. You Are Entitled To A Competent and Knowledgeable Attorney: I have spent my entire legal career working in personal injury law. I also was a victim in a major car collision, therefore I am knowledgeable in not only the legal aspects, but also the victim’s perspective.
  2. You Are Entitled To A Fair Attorney Fee Agreement: THERE ARE NO ATTORNEYS FEES if I do not secure you a cash settlement at the end of your case.
  3. You are Entitled to Efficiency: To make decisions in an injury claim, or to determine the value of a case, can take time. This is because information and documents are often needed to do so. But as my client, you will not experience unnecessary delays, so far as I can control it. My goal is always to efficiently keep cases moving toward their resolution.
  4. You Are Entitled to Honesty and The Truth: I strive to keep an open dialogue with all of my clients about all aspects of their case. We need to be on the same page in order to navigate your case effectively.
  5. You Are Entitled to an Advocate: Your case is not solely about money. It is about how an injury has affected your life. It is about your personal circumstances, now and in the future. As your attorney, I am also your advisor, so I often take the lead in any discussions or communication that comes from your injury claim.