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Rear-End Car Accidents in Atlanta

Rear-End Car Accidents in Atlanta

A rear-end car collision, which happens when a vehicle strikes another from behind, could be devastating. Some instances of these crashes could even result in catastrophic wounds, such as whiplash or a spinal cord injury. If you were involved in one of these wrecks, you might be left with expensive vehicle repair fees or steep hospital bills. If you are struggling to get back on your feet, a legal representative could help you seek justice.

A skilled vehicle collision lawyer could assist with resolving rear-end car accidents in Atlanta; fighting to protect your integrity and maximize the financial compensation you collect.

What Usually Causes Rear-End Crashes?

There are many ways that another driver could cause a rear-end wreck, and negligence is usually to blame. Common causes of crashes from behind include but are not limited to:

These factors, while seemingly different, could all cause a rear-end crash that leaves an innocent motorist with severe injuries. Fortunately, when a plaintiff can collect concrete evidence about what contributed to the wreck, they can implement this proof in a civil claim for damages. A diligent attorney in Atlanta could help the survivor of a rear-end car accident collect evidence and factor it into their case.

The Consequences of Following Too Closely

When it comes to rear-end collisions, there are some actions that immediately make a driver negligent. For example, Georgia Statute § 40-6-49 requires all drivers to avoid following other cars too closely. This means they must travel at an appropriate speed and distance, avoiding collisions with the car in front of them. Engaging in reckless following is illegal and evidence of this behavior could strengthen a plaintiff’s case.

If someone does cause a rear-end wreck by not giving another driver the right amount of space, they will likely need to assume liability for the collision. This is one of the simpler careless behaviors to prove. A detail-oriented Atlanta lawyer could examine police reports or surveillance footage to demonstrate that a negligent driver caused a rear-end accident by following another motorist too closely.

Injuries Associated with Rear-End Wrecks

Regardless of the cause of the accident, a rear-end collision caused by a negligent driver could leave an innocent plaintiff with life-threatening injuries. Typical examples of physical harm caused by this kind of crash include:

All of these injuries deserve immediate medical treatment and the attention of a compassionate attorney. A rear-end accident plaintiff could likely collect compensation that repays them for any of these setbacks, especially when they have sufficient evidence of the defendant’s negligence. A hardworking Atlanta representative could be the perfect ally for someone in need of finances for a full physical recovery.

Speak With an Attorney about Rear-End Car Accidents in Atlanta

Even though a rear-end crash might seem minor at first, these kinds of accidents could leave another driver in need of physical, mental, or legal assistance. If you were rear-ended by someone who was distracted, impaired, or reckless, our firm is here to protect your best interests. To pursue financial compensation for a rear-end car accident in Atlanta, call a dedicated lawyer about your rights and options.

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