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Side-Impact Car Accidents in Alpharetta

Side-Impact Car Accidents in Alpharetta

Collisions between the front of one vehicle and the doors or side panel of another are incredibly dangerous. When an external force impacts the side of a car, its occupants have little protection and may suffer severe injuries as a result.

Unfortunately, side-impact car accidents in Alpharetta are often life-altering. If you were recently injured in this type of collision, pursuing civil recovery may be beneficial for your future prospects. A seasoned car accident lawyer with experience handling these types of claims could walk you through your legal options and help improve your chances of a favorable outcome.

How do Side Collisions Typically Occur in Alpharetta?

Side-impact car accidents in Alpharetta frequently follow several common scenarios. T-bone accidents where one car collides with another at a perpendicular angle often occur at four-way intersections. On the other hand, sideswipe crashes involving two vehicles driving in the same direction are more typically seen on multi-lane highways. Unfortunately, driver negligence contributes to many side collision car wrecks.

Proving Negligence for Side-Impact Car Crashes

Regardless of how a T-bone or sideswipe collision occurs in Alpharetta, a plaintiff and their attorney must prove several elements to hold another person liable for their damages. In order to recover compensation through a civil lawsuit, a car accident victim must show that the defendant’s reckless or careless actions directly caused their crash. They must also demonstrate that the injuries they are looking to compensate occurred solely because of that accident.

Unfortunately, proving fault in a civil claim can be complicated. While various actions such as speeding or driving drunk could constitute legal negligence, definitively proving that a defendant’s actions caused a wreck could require extensive evidence and legal expertise. Fortunately, a side-impact car accident victim may turn to diligent legal counsel for help building a strong case and presenting it effectively in settlement negotiations or a court trial.

Seeking Comprehensive Recovery After a T-Bone Crash in Alpharetta

Another matter that can complicate recovery for a side-impact car accident is comparative negligence. Essentially, this legal concept allows a civil court to reduce a plaintiff’s potential compensation if they are found to be partially responsible for their own damages. Furthermore, under Official Code of Georgia §51-11-7, any plaintiff who is found to bear 50 percent or more of the blame for their accident is not allowed to seek any civil compensation whatsoever.

On top of that, waiting too long to file suit could prevent civil recovery even if another party is completely at fault for an injured victim’s damages. The statutory deadline set by Official Code of Georgia §9-3-33  only allows a person to file suit for up to two years after discovery of their injuries, or two years from the date they should have discovered their injuries. As such, an injured victim should work with legal counsel in their area to ensure compliance with these strict deadlines and protect their right to pursue compensation after a side-impact car crash.

Work with an Alpharetta Attorney on Side-Impact Car Accident Claims

Side-impact car accidents in Alpharetta can be traumatic, especially those that cause serious injuries requiring months of rehabilitation. However, if you can prove someone else was at fault for your T-bone collision, you may be able to hold them financially accountable for your medical bills, physical and emotional pain, and various other damages.

A conversation with an experienced lawyer could clarify your legal options and get you on track towards the recovery you need. To schedule your initial consultation, call today.

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