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Side Impact Car Accidents in Atlanta

Side Impact Car Accidents in Atlanta

Side impact car accidents, which happen when one vehicle crashes into the door panels of another, can occur at any moment. Often referred to as T-bone crashes, they can have devastating consequences for both drivers and passengers. Regardless of how a T-bone occurs, a claimant could be left unable to work, struggling to pay their hospital bills.

Thankfully, if you were involved in a side-impact car accident in Atlanta, you might be able to recover monetary damages for all your losses. An experienced vehicle crash lawyer could evaluate your claim, create a personalized strategy, and help you resolve any complications that arise during the filing process.

What Makes Side-Impact Accidents Particularly Dangerous?

During a collision, cars are designed to safely crumple at both the front and back ends to absorb the force. However, the side panels of a vehicle do not offer the same innovation and protection. This means that one car can do serious damage when it hits the side or doors of another. The passengers or other driver might be forced to bear the majority of the impact.

A typical T-bone crash leaves plaintiffs with more severe injuries than a standard vehicle wreck would. A claimant might suffer deep cuts and bruises, broken bones, brain damage, spinal cord wounds, or paralysis. Any of these injures warrants immediate medical treatment and legal representation. A hardworking attorney in Atlanta could fight to communicate the severity of the side-impact accident through a carefully constructed civil claim.

What to Do After a T-Bone Car Crash

After being struck from the side by a negligent driver, there are certain things that an innocent motorist can do to protect their integrity and maintain the strength of their case. To begin, they should always be sure to seek medical attention, even if their injuries do not seem that serious. Afterwards, a driver should collect and document as much evidence as they possibly can. Having a concrete picture of what happened at the accident scene is crucial because a legal representative could use in in the resulting personal injury claim.

The Georgia Rules of Evidence dictate the types of proof and information that a claimant can use to strengthen their civil case. Common examples of evidence that an attorney might implement include:

  • Video recordings of the incident
  • Insurance statements
  • Police reports
  • Medical bills
  • Property damage assessments and repair invoices
  • Lost income sheets
  • Future wage loss predictions from expert testimony
  • Evidence of psychological harm from a therapist

If someone injured in a side-impact accident needs help with gathering and categorizing relevant evidence, a resourceful lawyer in Atlanta could assess the situation and track down important information.

Consult an Attorney about Side Impact Car Accidents in Atlanta

If you were injured in a side-impact car accident in Atlanta, you deserve help with seeking justice and compensation. You should not have to suffer due to another driver’s negligent, reckless, or careless conduct.

For valuable assistance, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with an experienced lawyer. One of our legal team members could help you assemble your claim, assess your losses, and represent the full extent of your injuries. Reach out today to learn more about your options.

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