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Summer Car Preparation

Summer Car Preparation

Many people believe that winter is the only time to get your vehicle prepared, but the summer can be just as difficult for those involved in an car related emergency. As you prepare your vehicle for the warmest months of the year, be sure that you have safety in mind.

1. Jumper Cables and Tow Cables: Jumper cables can help you get the car started and to a safe place if your battery is not working properly.  Also, tow cables can help you get out of a minor predicament without needing a professional tow truck.

2. First Aid Kit. Don’t confuse a first aid kit for an emergency kit. A First Aid kit should contain Band-Aids, adhesive tape, non-stick gauze, aspirin, antiseptic ointments, small scissors, and instant ice packs.  It is also wise to consider the possible emergency needs of your family members. For instance, EpiPens, inhalers, and other such life-saving medications may be necessary as well.  (However, be sure to check manufacturers’ guidelines for safe storage temperatures as it can get very warm inside cars during the summer months.)

3. Tire Gauge, Sealant, Spare Tire, and Jack. Be sure that you carry a gauge to check tire pressure if you start to notice performance problems and sealant that will allow you to temporarily patch tire defects.  When you can’t patch it, a spare will be needed to get you back on the road and to a safe place.

4. Rain Gear, Gloves, Rags, and a Blanket. Be sure that you can cover up, should you face an overnight emergency or one that takes place during inclement weather.  It is also wise to have gloves and rags in case you have to clean up a mess, work on the car, or tackle some other emergency scenario.

5. Food and Drink. If you are forced to wait for help for an extended period of time or you are forced to entertain young children while the car problem is addressed, you will want food and drinks on hand.  Bottles of water, granola bars, and other non-perishable items are a wise addition to your emergency kit.

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