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Teen Car Accident in Alpharetta

Teen Car Accident in Alpharetta

A novice driver would most likely be considered anyone between 16 and 18, and possibly the 15-year-old with a permit. There are a lot of exceptions regarding the age at which a person is eligible to drive. In upstate Georgia, they can drive commercial tractors at 15, but to get their permit, they have to be 16 to operate a vehicle on the road.

Teen driving accidents center on a few different factors, including passengers in the vehicle which can distract novice motorists from driving safely, cell phone use, distractions and inexperience. Inexperience is one of the top factors that make teens more likely to be involved in car accidents. Driving under the influence (DUI), drag racing, reckless driving, are more common with teen drivers because they just do not have the same level of fear or appreciation of risk as an adult.

If you or a loved one were injured in a motor vehicle collision involving a novice driver, reach out to an Alpharetta teen car accident lawyer. A skilled car accident attorney could investigate the crash, collect evidence, and help you hold the negligent party accountable for their actions.

How Old Must A Person Be to Take a Driver's Education Course in Alpharetta?

In Georgia, there is a three-step process for a graduated license. A person can get a learner's permit at 15 here, but they must have someone in the vehicle who is at least 21 years old.

Then, drivers get an intermediate license between 16 and 18. Those are people who have had an instructional permit for 12 months and have passed the driving test. The intermediate license has the following restrictions. They cannot drive between 12 am, and 5 am.

Teen drivers cannot have any passengers in their vehicle for the first six months, and then, during the second six months, no more than one passenger in the vehicle. After the second six-month period, they can have no more than three passengers in the vehicle who are not members of their family and who are younger than 21.

The state is restrictive on passengers for teen drivers, which we know is one of the more deadly causes of teen accidents. For a full license, they must be 18 years old in Georgia.

What Are Some of The Risks Associated with Teen Driving?

Some of the risks associated with teen driving are that they may be in a severe accident. We have seen so many young drivers who are in severe accidents. We have seen teen drivers more likely to get a DUI, to drag race, to reckless drivers, and to hit-and-run because they are afraid of getting caught.

They are afraid of getting points on their license, because in the first few months after they get their license, they are not supposed to get any violations when they are 18. If they are caught drunk driving as a teenager, they can have their license suspended for 12 months on the first defense.

How Do Alpharetta Teen Driving Laws Affect Insurance Claims When There's an Accident?

Insurance rates are much higher for teenage drivers. As far as the driving laws, if a parent’s teen driver is found to be violating the teen driving laws, which includes having passengers or driving between 12 am and 5 am, and then they cause an accident, that will be an additional factor to determine liability. Not only did they cause an accident, but they were also in violation of the law. It only compounds the seriousness of the violation of the teen if they are also violating the teen driving law.

Steps Parents Can Take to Prevent Their Teens from Becoming Involved in a Car Accident

Having teens take driving courses, having a parent teach them how to drive, and having a lot of discussions and open dialogue about the seriousness of driving and the responsibility that comes with it is key to prevention.

Then, also checking in and making sure that their teen driver is not riding with passengers or doing all these different activities that are violations, such as driving from 12 am to 5 am, is important. The parents really must supervise.

Retain the Services of an Alpharetta Teen Car Accident Attorney

If there is a teen driver is involved in an accident, unfortunately, police and the insurance companies have an automatic presumption that the driver was not paying attention, or they were inexperienced. When novice drivers are involved in an accident, it is going to be a lot harder for anyone to believe that it was not their fault. It is best to seek help from a skilled Alpharetta teen car accident attorney to help with your case.

Families should look for a lawyer that is going to understand the circumstance when their teen has been injured by somebody else. Families should look for an attorney who understands how a car accident can impact a person's life. Schedule a consultation today to learn about how an attorney could help you seek compensation for damages.

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